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Christmas with Tenley was also known as The Great Wrapping Paper Wrestle. She was into everything, was very interested in unwrapping gifts to try to eat the wrapping paper, and had a wonderful time with our family. She even started walking the day after Christmas while my sister and her fiancé were still visiting from Boston so they got to see it the first time she took off and walked all the way across the room. Tenley’s first Christmas was a blast!

My parents went with us to Robinson Family Tree Farm to choose our Christmas trees. Tenley wasn’t too sure about the animated Santa they had.
TK_1st_Xmas_0001Seeing my parents with Tenley is so much fun. They adore her.TK_1st_Xmas_0002TK_1st_Xmas_0003TK_1st_Xmas_0004TK_1st_Xmas_0005We chose our tree in the tree farm’s garage (lol), but then we went & walked around in the trees outside so Tenley could see them in their natural habitat. haha.TK_1st_Xmas_0006TK_1st_Xmas_0007TK_1st_Xmas_0010TK_1st_Xmas_0011TK_1st_Xmas_0012Tenley’s Christmas dress was sparkly & she looked adorable, of course. Side note, we need a tree skirt for next year. The photos with her bear are her 10 month progress photos. We take a few with her bear each month to see how she grows.
TK_1st_Xmas_0013TK_1st_Xmas_0014We had our tree downstairs this year because Tenley mostly hangs out upstairs. It was nice not having to keep her from it constantly.TK_1st_Xmas_0015TK_1st_Xmas_0016TK_1st_Xmas_0017TK_1st_Xmas_0018TK_1st_Xmas_0019On Christmas Eve, we went to the Christmas Cantata at our church. Those two cuties are my cousin & his wife- the narrators this year.TK_1st_Xmas_0020TK_1st_Xmas_0021After church, we went to my parents’ house & my dad’s mom & her husband came over.TK_1st_Xmas_0023TK_1st_Xmas_0024TK_1st_Xmas_0025TK_1st_Xmas_0026TK_1st_Xmas_0027TK_1st_Xmas_0028TK_1st_Xmas_0029TK_1st_Xmas_0030TK_1st_Xmas_0031TK_1st_Xmas_0033TK_1st_Xmas_0035TK_1st_Xmas_0036Tenley’s Christmas morning side eye. hehe.TK_1st_Xmas_0037She opened a few gifts from us Christmas morning- a few books featuring pugs (obviously haha) and a wooden activity cube.TK_1st_Xmas_0039TK_1st_Xmas_0040TK_1st_Xmas_0041TK_1st_Xmas_0042TK_1st_Xmas_0043TK_1st_Xmas_0044TK_1st_Xmas_0045TK_1st_Xmas_0046TK_1st_Xmas_0047TK_1st_Xmas_0048TK_1st_Xmas_0049TK_1st_Xmas_0050TK_1st_Xmas_0051TK_1st_Xmas_0052TK_1st_Xmas_0053Christmas afternoon was at G-ma & Tata’s with all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, etc. It is SO MUCH FUN- definitely a highlight of the Christmas season.TK_1st_Xmas_0054TK_1st_Xmas_0055G-ma always has silly games planned for us. This year, we drew a piece of paper with instructions on it for silly activities to do before we popped our balloon, which had cash money in it. We had to do things like “Hop Like a Frog” or “Kiss Tata” or “Hoot like an Owl.” Never a dull moment.TK_1st_Xmas_0056My sister’s fiancé not wasting any time getting acclimated to the entire family by “Hopping Like a Frog” in front of all.
TK_1st_Xmas_0057TK_1st_Xmas_0058TK_1st_Xmas_0059TK_1st_Xmas_0060TK_1st_Xmas_0061TK_1st_Xmas_0062TK_1st_Xmas_0063TK_1st_Xmas_0064TK_1st_Xmas_0065TK_1st_Xmas_0066I love my family so much!TK_1st_Xmas_0067TK_1st_Xmas_0068TK_1st_Xmas_0069TK_1st_Xmas_0070Aunt Lisa & Uncle Scott reading to T-Bear. Sadly, my other sister & her family weren’t there that day because of illness. TK_1st_Xmas_0071TK_1st_Xmas_0072TK_1st_Xmas_0073TK_1st_Xmas_0074TK_1st_Xmas_0075Tenley is infatuated with her older cousins. She played picnic with Aubrey.TK_1st_Xmas_0076After a long day for baby, it was PJ time.
TK_1st_Xmas_0077TK_1st_Xmas_0078TK_1st_Xmas_0079The day after Christmas, we had our Christmas celebration at Josh’s parents’. Tenley has two cousins on that side of the family with one more on the way.TK_1st_Xmas_0080TK_1st_Xmas_0081TK_1st_Xmas_0082Grandma Cheryl & Papa Damon got Tenley a pony.TK_1st_Xmas_0083TK_1st_Xmas_0084TK_1st_Xmas_0085TK_1st_Xmas_0086TK_1st_Xmas_0087TK_1st_Xmas_0088TK_1st_Xmas_0089TK_1st_Xmas_0091TK_1st_Xmas_0092TK_1st_Xmas_0093TK_1st_Xmas_0094TK_1st_Xmas_0095TK_1st_Xmas_0096Tenley gave her cousin Aiden lots of kisses.TK_1st_Xmas_0097TK_1st_Xmas_0098TK_1st_Xmas_0099TK_1st_Xmas_0100TK_1st_Xmas_0101Then on Sunday, we had Christmas with my parents at their house. My sister’s kids are so very cute and, thankfully, were feeling better.TK_1st_Xmas_0102TK_1st_Xmas_0103TK_1st_Xmas_0104TK_1st_Xmas_0105TK_1st_Xmas_0106TK_1st_Xmas_0107TK_1st_Xmas_0108TK_1st_Xmas_0109TK_1st_Xmas_0110TK_1st_Xmas_0111TK_1st_Xmas_0112TK_1st_Xmas_0113Landon fell asleep on G-ma.TK_1st_Xmas_0114TK_1st_Xmas_0115She gets very excited when she gets things she is not supposed to have like Punky’s bone. Oh boy. .  .TK_1st_Xmas_0116TK_1st_Xmas_0117TK_1st_Xmas_0118We love her chub!TK_1st_Xmas_0119Take this hood off, Mom!TK_1st_Xmas_0120See ya later! She hardly ever crawls now so looking back at these photos from just a few weeks ago is really making me realize how quickly she’s growing up & changing. She RUNS around the house now. *Sigh* It truly is bittersweet.TK_1st_Xmas_0122TK_1st_Xmas_0124She loves pointing.TK_1st_Xmas_0125TK_1st_Xmas_0126TK_1st_Xmas_0127We are so thankful for our family. And for Jesus; He’s the reason we celebrate Christmas! 🙂

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