Our Story

We believe in the beauty of marriage. We love photographing weddings because we love having the opportunity to document the first day of a love story that will impact generations for decades upon decades. We love that we have the privilege of serving & loving our couples! Our style is relational & personal; we form a lasting relationship with our couples, and we’ve found that facilitating this kind of excellent experience for our couples allows them to be relaxed and truly in the moment on their wedding day. Our couples never have to worry about what we’re doing & oftentimes they’ll tell us they didn’t even know we were there when we captured a particularly emotional candid image that stops them in their tracks. They’re confident we will capture joyful, romantic, and emotional moments in a timeless style that will allow them to relive their wedding day & share their unique story for decades to come! 

We have experienced firsthand in our own marriage how wedding images have the ability to sweep us back & place us in the moment on our wedding day when we swayed to our first dance- everyone in the room seeming to fade away like we were the only two there, when we walked back down the aisle as husband and wife unable and unwilling to ever wipe the smiles from our faces, when we watched as our grandparents swung around and danced to the jitterbug- their 50 plus years of marriage serving as an inspiration to so many. These moments are fleeting, but their impact lasts because we, as wedding photographers, have the awesome responsibility & ability to say, “This moment lives forever.” 

Now that we have been photographing weddings for seven years and we have a daughter & a son, our love for photographing weddings has matured & strengthened. When we see the bride walk down the aisle on her dad’s arm, we can see through her mother’s & father’s eyes as they simultaneously see a beautiful woman that they’re so incredibly proud of AND the little girl in pigtails giggling as she ran down the halls of their home as a toddler. We can see stories as they play out before our lenses &, in those moments, we know they’ll be impactful for so many reasons, some of which we won’t know until a beloved family member has passed on (sometimes only a few weeks after the wedding day).  This is not only how we make a living; this means something to us. We love our couples, we want them to have an amazing experience leading up to their wedding day, we want to treat them like absolute gold on their wedding day, we want to go above & beyond as wedding photographers, and we want their wedding images to be treasured family heirlooms, classic & timeless, always a constant beloved treasure that will allow them to relive their wedding day & strengthen their bond as a married couple as they navigate life together. 

Random Facts:

Josh loves playing the guitar & plays in the praise band during worship at our church. He used to be in a couple of bands & Danielle was his number one fan. . . even when he played heavy metal & made her ears hurt. 

We have two pugs- Norris is our 12 year old buddy & his forehead wrinkles smell like grape Pez candy. Punky is our brindle pug & she often acts like a cat. We’re sorry if you smell their breath when you come visit us.

We both love coffee & drink it black.

Danielle loves words & puns & reading. . . nerd alert. But she’s also sporty.

On days off you can find us dancing in the kitchen or living room with our babies and laughing as our eyes meet & we communicate volumes without a word.

We live on four acres in the country & bonfires are one of our favorite pastimes. 

One of our main goals in life is to show the love of Jesus to others through service & friendship.

We quote The Office, Parks & Rec, Friends, and old school Adam Sandler movies just about every day. 

It’s a long story, but we had an unplanned home birth with our first baby; Josh caught her & it was just us two at home! Then we planned a home birth with our second baby. 

We have two willow trees that we planted in our backyard shortly after we moved into our home & we can picture ourselves old & gray & wrinkled holding hands on rocking chairs looking out over the backyard & watching those trees as the sun sets behind them.

We share a love of burritos.