Dear Tenley,

Happy second birthday! We thank God for you every single day & doubly so today- your second birthday! You’ve blessed us in so many ways throughout the past two years and we can’t thank you & your precious, little soul enough for being the one who made us parents.

You have your father absolutely wrapped around your little finger. He will not even deny it for a second. You two are so silly together always dancing in the kitchen, walking around to put you to sleep, making up nonsensical songs or games, and talking about anything & everything; you just love to hear his voice explain anything to you & you’ll say “Talk about that again.” over and over. I love hearing you two giggle together & it makes my heart explode that you inherited one of my favorite things about him- his laugh.

Some of my favorite things about you are your determination, your intelligence that never ceases to amaze me, your tack sharp memory, your smile that blesses anyone who has the pleasure of seeing it, the way you close your eyes so tightly and clasp your hands when we pray, the adorable way that your hair naturally flips out at the ends, your soft voice and the way you pronounce words with your own little accent, when you run and jump around the whole house dancing to “Run Baby Run,” and how you hug so tightly with all of your might.

Even though this is a lovey dovey birthday letter, I’m not going to pretend that your two years have been a breeze. You’ve been a challenge to us; you’ve taught us so much about patience! We wouldn’t change a thing about you & your strong-willed personality, though! We know you’re a force to be reckoned with in this world & you can do anything- absolutely anything- you set your determined mind to with the help of the Lord.

And we can’t forget to mention this: you’re a BIG SISTER now! We didn’t think it’d happen before you turned two since my due date was 12 days after your birthday, but God gave you an early birthday gift in the form of your little brother. I’ll never forget the way you looked at him the first time you saw him! Since he was fresh from the womb, you were pretty concerned with cleaning the goop off of his head, and you said, “Hold it” and “clean him off.” You are going to be the best big sister & we’re really looking forward to seeing you two grow up so close in age to one another.

Thank you, my baby girl, for blessing our home and this world with your joy, your spunk, your persistence, your cuteness, your sense of humor, and your love for us. We LOVE you beyond what words can express & that only gets stronger each day that we get to know you and your unique personality a little bit more. You’re truly fearfully & wonderfully made.

We pray that others will be drawn closer to Jesus through the love that you show them as you continue to grow & learn & love others. We pray that you’ll give yourself grace as you learn to navigate the world even though we know your personality will always motivate you to keep striving toward excellence. We pray that you’ll impact many lives & leave the world with more love than it had when you joined it. We know you were created to do great things & we are here to support you, encourage you, guide you, and, above all, love you through it all!

Happy Second Birthday, Tenley Kay! We love you!


Mommy and DaddyYoungstown family photographer

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  • February 24, 2017 - 9:06 am

    Kate - What an absolutly beautiful gift to give your child. A love letter that she can see in the years to come. She is so beautiful. Very blessed to have amazing parents that would keep these memories for her.ReplyCancel

    • February 25, 2017 - 1:56 pm

      Menning Photographic - Thank you! We really hope she’ll cherish our letters when she’s older. :)ReplyCancel

Mill Creek Park has to be one of the best places in the world to take photos! We’re not exaggerating! This place is a gem right here in good old Youngstown & we think sometimes people write it off or take it for granted because they’ve grown up around it, but it truly is a stunningly beautiful place full of nature’s eye candy! When we get to photograph engagement sessions in Mill Creek Park, we always enjoy ourselves & Nicole and Ryan’s engagement session was full of dreamy light & gorgeous Fall colors! Nicole & Ryan crushed on each other since middle school! Isn’t that sweet?! They went to neighboring schools & started officially dating their junior year of high school. They looked amazing for their engagement session & we’re looking forward to their wedding.Mill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkHow cute is this? Just adorable. Mill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkDoesn’t the Fall foliage just make this look like a postcard for a lovely Autumn camping destination? Mill Creek Park, we love you!Mill Creek ParkOkay. . . it helps Nicole is gorgeous & so happy & has a cute outfit & shoes.
Mill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkWe love hanging out with happy couples!Mill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkSo you may be wondering how he proposed. Nicole & Ryan got to go on vacation together to Punta Cana. Ryan asked her parents a couple of weeks before they left for permission to propose to their daughter & her mom somehow kept it a secret. Their first night on vacation, they took a walk on the beach & Ryan proposed so they got to enjoy being engaged throughout their entire trip! That makes me want to go to the beach!Mill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkNicole again with the cute shoes!Mill Creek ParkThis is a serious favorite! It needs to be a huge print so they can see how awesome & in love they are every day on their walls!Mill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkMill Creek ParkAhhh! What a precious Fall engagement session! We can’t even tell you how much we love shooting e-sessions! Getting to know the couples whose weddings we’ll be photographing & sharing lots of laughs is definitely one of our favorite things!

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These Columbiana engagement photos are sure to make you smile on this Monday! Sarah & Bear are so adorably in love & we had a great time hanging out with them this past Fall at Detwiler Farm, some railroad tracks in Columbiana, and Firestone Park amidst all of the pretty Fall leaves! These two beautiful people couldn’t be sweeter, which makes us very happy we’ll get to photograph their wedding this year!columbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photosThe Fall scenery at Detwiler Farm was in all of its glory that sunny & windy day!
columbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photosThis was the first time we’d been to the farm & there were so many cute spots to shoot there. columbiana engagement photosSarah, you are gorgeous! Those eyes!columbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photosThis love story started many years ago when Bear played on Sarah’s brother’s little league team. They’ve known each other for years & thankfully reconnected on Facebook. If you ask Bear, their first date was to WalMart. They were there for hours because they didn’t want to stop talking & spending time together. Sarah says the WalMart date doesn’t count because. . . well. . . it’s WalMart. haha! Either way, they’ve been on plenty of dates since then & now they’re getting married. . . yay!columbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photosYou’ve also gotta hear their proposal story! columbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photosSince these two had been dating a little while and Sarah’s family sees how in love they are, they’d been waiting for the proposal & wondering when it would happen. On Easter, Sarah’s grandma was teasing Bear about it & telling him it was ABOUT TIME! Little did Sarah’s grandma know, Bear was planning to propose that day in front of the whole family & he had the ring! When the moment happened, Sarah’s family couldn’t believe it & were so excited- especially her grandma.columbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photosThe railroad tracks were a special request from Sarah & Bear & we’re so glad we stumbled upon this spot even though it wasn’t the first place we were trying to go. The leaves were amazing & Sarah & Bear rocked it out!
columbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photoscolumbiana engagement photosSarah & Bear, we’re really looking forward to getting to photograph the first day of your marriage! Thanks for the laughs & happy afternoon during your engagement session!

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Fall engagement photos? Yay! At a winery? Yay! With these two beautiful & fun people? All the yay! Samantha & Michael are so much fun to hang out with & we had a blast at their session this past Fall even though it was pretty chilly outside. As I type this, it’s February & the wind chill is 12 degrees so I’m sure this Fall day with some sunshine would feel really warm to us now! That’s Ohio for you!  Winery engagement photos are romantic & beautiful. We really like this location that Samantha & Michael chose- Mastropietro Winery! And they were super cute together so that definitely helped make the photos amazing.winery engagement photosIsn’t their height difference adorable? Love it! winery engagement photoswinery engagement photosSamantha & Michael have an easygoing way about them when they’re  together. They joke & laugh & don’t take anything too seriously. We’re really happy we get to see them get married this year! winery engagement photoswinery engagement photosHow’d they “meet?” One of their mutual friends told Samantha she should text Michael; Samantha & Michael already knew of each other so Samantha decided to take her friend’s advice & go for it. After texting a bit, Michael asked Sam to get a drink after work one night. She had just been on an absolutely horrible date with someone else & had sworn off dating, but she thought a drink after work isn’t really a date. When Michael asked her on a “real” date, it took some strong convincing, but she finally agreed & they’re both so glad she decided to end her moratorium on dating for Michael. Her first date with Michael was her last first date. How sweet is that?winery engagement photoswinery engagement photoswinery engagement photosThey laugh together a lot. It’s the best.winery engagement photoswinery engagement photosThey’re going to be gorgeous on their wedding day! Ahhhh! Sam’s eyes pop and she has such a beautiful smile. She’ll be a stunning bride, for sure!winery engagement photoswinery engagement photosWe love how golden the vineyards look in the Fall.winery engagement photoswinery engagement photosWinery engagement photos! We told you there’s just something about them!winery engagement photoswinery engagement photosTheir proposal story is perfect. Michael took Samantha out to dinner & he had the ring with him so he really wanted to go straight back to Samantha’s place so he could propose since he had something planned. After dinner was over, Sam said she felt like staying out. He tried to get her to change her mind, but he didn’t want to seem too desperate to get back to her place because he knew she’d think he was being weird & suspect something. So they went out. He was nervous about having the ring the whole time, but it all turned out okay. When they got back to her place, she heard him making all kinds of noise in another room & discovered he had decorated with a banner & photos & all kinds of sentimental things significant to their relationship together. He asked & she, of course, said yes.winery engagement photoswinery engagement photoswinery engagement photoswinery engagement photoswinery engagement photoswinery engagement photoswinery engagement photoswinery engagement photosSamantha & Michael, you two are awesome together & we’re honored to be photographing your wedding day! Thanks for trusting us with such an important day in your lives!

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