This is easily one of my favorite blog posts of the year! We love the family tradition of going to choose a real Christmas tree for our home each year & it is even more fun now that we have children. Tenley remembers details from going to get our tree last year, which absolutely blows my mind since last year she wasn’t even 2 years old yet! Her mind is a steel trap for sure! This is our third year in a row getting our tree from Robinson Tree Farm in Lisbon. We have had great experiences each time we’ve gone! This year was warm & sunny with only a slight chill to the air. It seems like our weather each December as of late has been mild for the most part. We won’t complain, but wouldn’t it be lovely if we had a white Christmas this year? We hope it’ll happen!

Getting to experience the world through the eyes of our children has been a treat & Tenley is a hoot. This is unrelated to Christmas tree shopping, but my mom said she was having trouble with her cell phone one day & Tenley asked, “Is that because you’re older?” hahaha! We just both cracked up for a few minutes. That girl doesn’t pull any punches! While we perused the hillside for the perfect tree, Kenton hung out and smiled & played Peek a Boo with Josh while he was all wrapped up against my chest. I hope Kenton’ll let me keep wrapping him for a long time because I absolutely love having him so close & getting to snuggle with his sweet little squishy self!

This is also a fun tradition that my parents get to be part of, too, which makes Tenley really happy. She loooooooves her grandparents! There is a little story that we’ll get to remember for awhile now that there are photos to remind us- haha! While we were getting ready to leave to go to the tree farm, I was going back and forth from the house to the van getting stuff that we wanted like bottles of water, the camera, snacks, etc. I had a jacket in my hand to bring out for Tenley, but I sat it down on the dryer so I could grab the camera and then didn’t remember to grab the jacket. Doh! Since we don’t wear coats on the kids in their carseats for safety reasons, that’s why it was in my hand and not on Tenley’s body. Thankfully I had my coat in the car & she wore it adorably once we got to the tree farm. real Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionTenley was mesmerized by the blue & purple trees. She called them Elsa trees.real Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionGrandma & Tenley are BFFs.real Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionOh gosh, this boy & his sweetness! He also has WAY more teeth than his big sister did at this age. She only had two at nine months. Kenton has six and he’s working on a few more.real Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionKenton was in this photo in my belly last year & this year he got to be on the outside! The miracle of pregnancy & childbirth is awe-inspiring.  real Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionTimber.real Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionI’m pretty sure that’s the way Tenley looked at that Santa as a baby, too. haha!real Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionNo, we don’t let our nine-month-old eat candy canes. He got a small lick & all was okay in the world. #secondchild lolreal Christmas tree family traditionChoosing a family Christmas tree must be very hard work because both kids fell asleep on the way home. Tenley was awake when I carried her into the house, but she zonked right back out & I held her during her nap, which doesn’t happen too often anymore. I’ll soak up every cuddle I can get! They get too big too quickly!real Christmas tree family traditionreal Christmas tree family traditionAnd we’re throwing this one in the mix, too, since it was that same day. Who knew brushing your teeth could be so much fun?! real Christmas tree family traditionChristmas is going to be so much fun this year with these two littles! We can’t wait to share the photos on our blog! You can also follow along on social media:

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We’ve got some pretty Youngstown engagement photos for you today! Ashley & Brad are one of the most adorable couples we’ve ever met! They laugh A LOT. They make each other blatantly happy. They have a TON in common. And they are truly best friends. Our time with them during their engagement session in Youngstown at Fellows Riverside Gardens & downtown was a riot because they were cracking us up & they couldn’t be cuter if they tried so we were really excited about all of the amazing photos we got to take! In addition to their fabulous chemistry, they also have a super cute story that we’re excited to share here, too!joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosTheir laughter is contagious & we had so much fun with their adorable height difference during their engagement session. Ashley is so stinkin’ cute and pretty! She’s also a nurse so she saves lives for a living. . . Brad found himself a keeper!joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosAnd he is oh-so-in-love!joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosI just can’t with their cuteness! They’re so much fun & we love that their personalities really shined through in the photos.joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosThese two both went to the same high school & knew of each other, but they weren’t high school sweethearts. They didn’t start dating until college when they kept running into each other with mutual friends. And their love story blossomed on the YSU campus as they hung out & shared a lot of fun dates & lots of interests in common.joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosIf you’ve ever been in a relationship for a long time & you’ve had the conversation that goes something like this, then you know exactly what I mean: “Hey we’ve been together a long time & we really love each other & we both know we want to get married so the proposal isn’t too far off, but I still want to surprise you & you still want to be surprised.” Well, Ashley & Brad had a similar conversation to that, but he added, “So I’ll be taking you on lots of decoy dates this Summer all dressed up & fancy & fun just to throw you off! You’ll never know which one it might be!” joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosIt just so happens that Brad couldn’t wait too much longer & he proposed after the very first decoy date. ha! Love it! They went to dinner & then Brad said he wanted to show Ashley something he had been working on. At the time he was living with his mom & Ashley knew that he had been working on something in the yard. He had been spending so much time on it & she had no idea why or what he was up to until he brought her there & she laid eyes on the setup. It was gorgeous & romantic & perfect! He had decorated everything to a T! And I can’t describe it as well as you’ll comprehend if I just show you so here it is! Go see their proposal story & the adorable photos of the setup over on How He Asked, where Ashley & Brad’s story is featured: HERE. Isn’t it adorable & so thoughtful?! Ashley cried her eyes out with joy &, of course, said yes!
joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosShe’s going to be a stunning bride! But the best part is that her personality is downright amazing. She is such a bubbly & joyful person & she lights up every room she enters! We’re sure her patients at the hospital love her!joyful engagement photosBut not as much as Brad does!joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosAnd we love it when Mr. Golden Sun shines down on us for an engagement session! It’s THE BEST!joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosAfter our fun at Mill Creek Park, we had an outfit change (snazzy!) and a change of scenery. joyful engagement photosWe love that they included downtown Youngstown in their engagement session since they spent a lot of time in their relationship at hangouts there since they were YSU students.joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosThey are seriously the sweetest.joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosAnd the goofiest & we love that! Being yourself, your true quirky self full of a million idiosyncrasies, with the one you love the most is unparalleled & one of the most fun things about life, in our humble opinions!joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosFav! LOL!joyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosjoyful engagement photosAshley & Brad, everything about you two together is wonderful & we’re so glad we got to spend the afternoon with you & we’ll get to be there cheering you on & capturing so many lovely moments on the first day of your marriage! Congrats again & we can’t wait to see you again soon!

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Thanks for reading our wedding blog! We’re Josh & Danielle, we’re married wedding photographers based in the Columbiana, Ohio area. We photograph weddings mostly in the Youngstown, Ohio area, but we have passports & we love destination weddings, too! We’re all about family & we have two super cute kiddos (if we say so ourselves!). You can see more of our images we get to take for fun & adventurous, joyful couples on our social media channels- 

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Happy birthday to my loving husband Joshua! I love you. Tenley loves you. Kenton loves you. You’re absolutely everything we could ever begin to ask for in a husband and father. You’re reliable, kind, patient, loving, caring, joyful, and playful. When the kids are with you, they are calmed in their hearts by your presence. Seemingly paradoxically, they are energized with a fervor for life & a curiosity for exploring their surroundings that only you can inspire in them. I’ve been blessed with you in my life for 12+ years now. I’ve helped you celebrate birthdays 20-32. And I love you more every day. I love you for the way you anchor my life with your warm embrace & your soft, kind, encouraging words. I love you for the way you zealously pursue your dreams. You’re optimistic. You’re always there to offer a friendly smile & hug to anyone. And you’re the most helpful & loyal friend I’ve ever known. Daddy_T_K_0001Getting to do life alongside of you every single day is a blessing I can’t even begin to thank God for enough. You’re the perfect business partner & coworker. I can’t explain it except to say that we are the best when we’re a team- simple but true! Josh_in_action_0001And, oh my goodness, do we make adorable babies! ha! But seriously. Josh_Kenton_0001Josh_Tenley_0001They get a good bit of their silliness from you. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for being my person, for the myriad laughs we have shared over the years at our shared weird and goofy sense of humor, and for the personal growth you’ve inspired in my life. I wish you the happiest birthday & pray that this is our best year yet! I love you!

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On November 20, 2010, these two young kids got married!

The handsome groom:DJMenning_W_0026The smokin’ hot bride: (lol!) DJMenning_W_0059We’ve been married seven years now! DJMenning_W_0406This life we’ve built together is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. Thank you for loving me when I least deserve it. Thank you for putting up with my sarcasm, my saltiness, and my sass. Now that I think about it, thank you for loving me because of those things & not in spite of them. Thank you for loving all of me; even the parts I don’t think are worthy. Thank you for helping to create our two greatest blessings, Tenley & Kenton. Those moments when we’re all playing & laughing & my love for all of you feels like it will burst open my heart are my favorite moments. But I’m also grateful for the less-than-glamorous moments when both kids are overtired & we’re both at our wits’ end attempting to persuade them to succumb to sleep. When our tired, puffy eyes meet and you smile through the chaos & the busy-ness that is our lives with two babies. Though this sounds cliché, I love you more each & every day. Each day that you choose me and our kids gives us strength & makes our world shine brighter. DJMenning_W_0397I’m grateful beyond comprehension that God brought us together in His perfect timing. What a love we’ve gotten to experience together! And the fact that my love for you matures each day gives me assurance that we’ll  be even happier & more in love with each other as the years progress!
DJMenning_W_0529Our marriage brings me contentment & joy.DJMenning_W_0535DJMenning_W_0543DJMenning_W_0697We know each other better than anyone. We very often think and say the same exact thing at the same exact time. Although I’m with you nearly 24/7, I still miss you when we’re not together. Whether we’re exploring the world together, taking a walk in our backyard, cleaning up the explosion of our kids’ toys alongside one another, photographing a wedding together, or going on a date all fancy I absolutely love and enjoy being with you. If I’m being brutally honest, there are times when I take you for granted. But I will always try my best to ensure that those times are very few & far between because you and our marriage are SUCH a blessing to my life. I love you. Those words aren’t even adequate, but they’re all I have so I’ll tell you again & again each & every day we’re blessed to be together, I love you. Happy seventh wedding anniversary!

Here are a few fun photos throughout the years & all of the fun we’ve had together as we’ve grown in our relationship & gotten to know one another even better.

This engagement photo & all wedding photos above are by Inlux Photo.
DJMenning_E_0035This photo was taken by Nathan & Amanda.Menning050This was when we first found out we were expecting a baby (she turned out to be little miss Tenley). This was taken by Pixel Pop Photography.0082We took this for our Christmas card with our timer & tripod that year.Christmas_Card_2014_0003And then our world and marriage changed forever once Tenley was born in February 2015. This was taken by Lauren Grayson Photography.LGP_2075_dskOur family photos that year were just adorable. Thanks, Carlyn K Photography!Menning_Fall 2015-73Our family photos the next year featured a new baby bump (that turned out to be sweet Kenton).
Menning_2016-50Menning_2016-62And then Kenton was part of our family on the outside! Photos by Lauren Grayson Photography.LGP_3135LGP_3141Our family photos this year had our hands full & our smiles going on for miles. Pixel Pop Photography took these for us.00610261I don’t know what the future holds in store for us, but I know it’ll be amazing with you by my side. Cheers! Here’s to 77 more years.

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