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On November 20, 2010, these two young kids got married!

The handsome groom:DJMenning_W_0026The smokin’ hot bride: (lol!) DJMenning_W_0059We’ve been married seven years now! DJMenning_W_0406This life we’ve built together is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. Thank you for loving me when I least deserve it. Thank you for putting up with my sarcasm, my saltiness, and my sass. Now that I think about it, thank you for loving me because of those things & not in spite of them. Thank you for loving all of me; even the parts I don’t think are worthy. Thank you for helping to create our two greatest blessings, Tenley & Kenton. Those moments when we’re all playing & laughing & my love for all of you feels like it will burst open my heart are my favorite moments. But I’m also grateful for the less-than-glamorous moments when both kids are overtired & we’re both at our wits’ end attempting to persuade them to succumb to sleep. When our tired, puffy eyes meet and you smile through the chaos & the busy-ness that is our lives with two babies. Though this sounds cliché, I love you more each & every day. Each day that you choose me and our kids gives us strength & makes our world shine brighter. DJMenning_W_0397I’m grateful beyond comprehension that God brought us together in His perfect timing. What a love we’ve gotten to experience together! And the fact that my love for you matures each day gives me assurance that we’ll  be even happier & more in love with each other as the years progress!
DJMenning_W_0529Our marriage brings me contentment & joy.DJMenning_W_0535DJMenning_W_0543DJMenning_W_0697We know each other better than anyone. We very often think and say the same exact thing at the same exact time. Although I’m with you nearly 24/7, I still miss you when we’re not together. Whether we’re exploring the world together, taking a walk in our backyard, cleaning up the explosion of our kids’ toys alongside one another, photographing a wedding together, or going on a date all fancy I absolutely love and enjoy being with you. If I’m being brutally honest, there are times when I take you for granted. But I will always try my best to ensure that those times are very few & far between because you and our marriage are SUCH a blessing to my life. I love you. Those words aren’t even adequate, but they’re all I have so I’ll tell you again & again each & every day we’re blessed to be together, I love you. Happy seventh wedding anniversary!

Here are a few fun photos throughout the years & all of the fun we’ve had together as we’ve grown in our relationship & gotten to know one another even better.

This engagement photo & all wedding photos above are by Inlux Photo.
DJMenning_E_0035This photo was taken by Nathan & Amanda.Menning050This was when we first found out we were expecting a baby (she turned out to be little miss Tenley). This was taken by Pixel Pop Photography.0082We took this for our Christmas card with our timer & tripod that year.Christmas_Card_2014_0003And then our world and marriage changed forever once Tenley was born in February 2015. This was taken by Lauren Grayson Photography.LGP_2075_dskOur family photos that year were just adorable. Thanks, Carlyn K Photography!Menning_Fall 2015-73Our family photos the next year featured a new baby bump (that turned out to be sweet Kenton).
Menning_2016-50Menning_2016-62And then Kenton was part of our family on the outside! Photos by Lauren Grayson Photography.LGP_3135LGP_3141Our family photos this year had our hands full & our smiles going on for miles. Pixel Pop Photography took these for us.00610261I don’t know what the future holds in store for us, but I know it’ll be amazing with you by my side. Cheers! Here’s to 77 more years.

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