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Happy birthday to my loving husband Joshua! I love you. Tenley loves you. Kenton loves you. You’re absolutely everything we could ever begin to ask for in a husband and father. You’re reliable, kind, patient, loving, caring, joyful, and playful. When the kids are with you, they are calmed in their hearts by your presence. Seemingly paradoxically, they are energized with a fervor for life & a curiosity for exploring their surroundings that only you can inspire in them. I’ve been blessed with you in my life for 12+ years now. I’ve helped you celebrate birthdays 20-32. And I love you more every day. I love you for the way you anchor my life with your warm embrace & your soft, kind, encouraging words. I love you for the way you zealously pursue your dreams. You’re optimistic. You’re always there to offer a friendly smile & hug to anyone. And you’re the most helpful & loyal friend I’ve ever known. Daddy_T_K_0001Getting to do life alongside of you every single day is a blessing I can’t even begin to thank God for enough. You’re the perfect business partner & coworker. I can’t explain it except to say that we are the best when we’re a team- simple but true! Josh_in_action_0001And, oh my goodness, do we make adorable babies! ha! But seriously. Josh_Kenton_0001Josh_Tenley_0001They get a good bit of their silliness from you. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for being my person, for the myriad laughs we have shared over the years at our shared weird and goofy sense of humor, and for the personal growth you’ve inspired in my life. I wish you the happiest birthday & pray that this is our best year yet! I love you!

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