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Happy sixth wedding anniversary, Joshua! Six years of marriage. I’ve been contemplating the beauty of marriage lately and I’ve come to the conclusion that the beauty of marriage is in the every day. It’s not in the grand gestures of love or in the mountaintop experiences that we share together as husband and wife. It’s in the day-in and day-out choices that we make to love one another & to serve one another.djmenning_w_0393

It’s every day that you take time to cook us dinner. It’s when you take out the trash. It’s when you change Tenley’s diaper or take her to the potty and enthusiastically read her Jabberwocky book for the seven thousandth time. It’s each day when you get out of bed extra early- well before there’s even a glimmer of light in the sky- to get business stuff done so that you can be present & engaged with Tenley when she wakes up. It’s when you exercise patience, self-control, and gentleness even when you would be fully justified in raising your voice or in being frustrated. In these little every day occurrences, often viewed as mundane or insignificant, your love is expressed. These choices to be the best husband & father you could possibly be each day culminate in warm feelings of love & security in my heart and in feeling of love, protection, & admiration from our darling daughter to her daddy. It’s this steady & reliable way that you have each & every day that is truly beautiful. This is why six years of marriage have been very happy for

I love that our life is usually lived slowly these days. . . that we are both content cozying up in our living room and watching Netflix, dancing around to Tenley’s favorites (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Oh, Susanna, polka, and Jingle Bells all year round), or going for a walk down our road as a family. I love that I know without a doubt that you love me, but you don’t allow me to go half a day without expressly telling me so. I love that we both truly mean it when we say that we enjoy working together and being a team.menning_2016-70

Thank you for the fun & friendship we’ve enjoyed over the past six years of marriage. I’m looking forward to the next sixty with you by my side! Happy anniversary, Joshua! I love you.

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Wedding portrait credit- Inlux Photo
Family photo credit- Carlyn K Photography