Rising Tide Society | Tuesdays Together | Find Your Niche & Ideal Client

Tuesdays Together YoungstownOn Tuesday, February 9, 2016 we’ll be having our 6th TuesdaysTogether Youngstown meeting. It’s difficult to believe that we’ve already met 5 times & this will already be the sixth! We’re so happy with how this group has progressed, how so many local creatives have graciously volunteered their space to host a meeting, and how much we’ve learned from all of the amazing people who have attended so far.

This is a group unlike any other for a few reasons:

1. It’s not like your ordinary networking meeting because we delve deeper into businesses topics & discuss freely as a group. We genuinely try to help one another!
2. It’s not only photographers or only mom business owners or only women or only full-time business owners. We’re a diverse group & we like it that way! There are guys, ladies, part-time business owners who want to work toward being full-time business owners, business owners who wish to remain in their full-time day job & love doing creative work on the side, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, full-time business owners, makers, calligraphers, etc! We would love to have YOU if you’re a creative entrepreneur who values community over competition! We want our group to be even more diverse! The more minds we can gather to bounce around ideas & increase that positive energy, the better!
3. We’re networking to see how we can help one another instead of seeing how others can help us. This group has been wonderful for its first five months & everyone has kept the community mindset in the forefront of all of the meetings. Josh & I have been to networking meetups in the past that just seemed downright awkward & were all about, “Hi, here’s my business card. Please refer clients my way.” Ick. We’re ALL about referring clients to others we trust & others we would be proud to say are our friends! But TuesdaysTogether is about so much more than referrals or networking. It’s about a community, a group where people feel safe to share their struggles & their triumphs, and a fellowship of creatives that uplifts & fosters positive feelings & friendships.

We sincerely hope you can attend this month’s meeting of the Rising Tide Society TuesdaysTogether Youngstown!

To stay updated & join the group’s online discussion, please request to be added to our Facebook group.

You can also shoot us an email at info@menningphotographic.com if you’re not a Facebooker.

Our meeting this month is at Junque in East Palestine, Ohio at 6:00 p.m. The address is 43 N. Market Street. We’ll be discussing Finding Your Niche & Ideal Client & we’ll even be doing a 10 minute craft using Junque’s custom milk paint!

We’re so thankful that Natalie & Krista started this national movement & that we get to be leaders of the Youngstown chapter! It has been a really great experience!