Josh & Danielle Files | Happy 80th Birthday, Tata | Personal Post

Happy birthday, Tata! I can’t believe you’re 80 today. I have so many happy memories involving you and I’m so glad we get to celebrate you! Grandpas are such a treasure & I’m so blessed to have you as mine. I remember you taking my sister Lisa & I in your “Big Truck” to pick up a load of sod and we thought we were pretty cool riding in the back peeking out the tiny window as cars passed us on the highway. I remember you teaching us how to ride the tricycle down Crawford Hill. I remember that one year you shaved your beard with all 9 grandchildren present for the big reveal and a couple of my younger cousins cried when they saw you without your iconic facial hair. I remember your raging Pepsi habit that you thankfully kicked awhile ago. I remember you always being there to support me in sports and cheering your heart out for my team. I won’t mention that one time you yelled at the refs so much that you got thrown out. 😉 I remember all of the many St. Pete Beach trips that you & G-ma selflessly provided for our entire family- SO many memories there (especially the CB radios that my cousins & I talked on the entire way down there from car to car in our Route 77 caravan)! I remember you coming to my high school graduation, my college graduation, and my law school graduation. I always knew you’d be there to support me and that you were always so proud to be my grandpa. I’m proud to be your granddaughter. You’re always there to lend a hand to your friends whether it be mowing their yards when they’re unable, bringing them meals, or taking care of them in their last days. You’ve been through a lot in your 80 years- you’ve probably lost more close family members than most people. Yet you remain steadfast in your faith. Your voice saying my nickname “Punky” is something that stands out to me as a favorite sound. You’ve always been a very hard working person with a lot of spunk. Thanks for being my Tata! I love you. Happy birthday!

Here are a few of my very favorite memories of Tata and G-ma at my & Josh’s wedding. They won the anniversary dance for longest married couple & they did the jitterbug. [Our wedding photos by Inlux Photo]

DJMenning_W_0650DJMenning_W_0653DJMenning_W_0654DJMenning_W_0656DJMenning_W_0657DJMenning_W_0710DJMenning_W_0714DJMenning_W_0715Tata built this fun trailer for his John Deere & had the idea to have a Menning Photographic banner on it for the Columbiana Street Fair Parade this year. It was so much fun!SF_0002Memorial_Day-54Tata, you’re definitely one of my favorite people. Thanks for being you! Happy 80th birthday!