Josh & Danielle Files | Happy Half Birthday, Tenley! | Personal Post

Our baby girl turned SIX MONTHS OLD (WHAT?!) on August 24 & she couldn’t be cuter. I know we’re her parents & probably biased, but seriously. . . just look at her!Tenley_6-Months_0006Her personality emerges more each day and it’s so fun! She’s happy, determined, spunky, feisty, curious, strong, and very energetic. We can already tell she has a few of my qualities like stubbornness & impatience. . . uh oh. She is kind of obsessed with her pug siblings Norris & Punky. They (and sometimes our cell phones if they’re laying around on the floor) are her main motivation for crawling across the room. She giggles so much when she finally gets near enough to touch them. If she does everything in life with half of the passion she utilizes in her attempts at fighting sleep, she can do anything! She doesn’t want to miss ANYTHING & will fight sleep until the last possible second to make sure she’s part of the action of life. She flirts with her daddy. She likes to feel the grass and enjoys being outdoors. One of her favorite places currently is the front porch where she gets to swing on the porch swing with mommy and daddy or swing in her baby swing. The first thing she does when we pick her up is pat our shoulders or back with her chubby little right hand. Her favorite toys are her giraffe rattle, Dory stuffed animal, and hippo rattle. Her daddy beatboxes and helps her dance around to the beat with little “shwing, shwings” in there Wayne World’s style. She drools All.The.Time & soaks through five bibs a day. She’s still exclusively breastfed & I’m proud of all of us (Josh for his support, myself, and Tenley) for reaching the six month EBF goal I set. Now on to our next goal of continuing breastfeeding for the rest of her first year (at least) while adding in solid foods within the next month or so. Her favorite noises for us to make are tongue clicking, kissy noises, and squeaky teeth whistles. She gets a HUGE smile on her face when she sees Grandma Shishi and loves when she watches her when we photograph weddings. We are so very happy she’s ours & thank God more than daily for blessing us with her!

Because it’s her six month birthday (half of a year!), here are her monthly progression photos so you can see how she’s grown. Okay, I’m going to go cry in the corner now.

One Month:Tenley_1-Month_0001Two Months: (Someone was feeding her muscle milk LOL).Tenley_2-Month_0001Three Months:Tenley_3-Month_0001Four Months:Tenley_4-Month_0001Five Months:Tenley_5-Month_0001And Six Months!Tenley_6-Months_0001Tenley_6-Months_0002She’s still happiest on her belly. That hasn’t changed since birth.Tenley_6-Months_0003She does baby planks!Tenley_6-Months_0004Tenley_6-Months_0005Tenley_6-Months_0007Tenley_6-Months_0008She was feeling extra strong so she wanted a bit more resistance for her pushups.Tenley_6-Months_0009Tenley_6-Months_0010Tenley_6-Months_0011This is the face she makes when she is giggling like a billygoat. Tenley_6-Months_0012Tenley_6-Months_0013These last six months have flown by & our baby girl is a precious joy. We’re excited to see how she grows each day!

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