Josh & Danielle Files | A Day in the Life of Tenley Volume One | Personal Post

I’m so excited about this new blog series we’re starting called A Day in the Life of Tenley. We started our blog a few years ago as a way to showcase our clients’ photos, but since then it has morphed into a combination of personal & business. I love being able to save photos & memories online that I can look back on later and that family members and friends far away can share in! This is such a blessing & is even more important to us now that we have a baby. We wanted to start the Day in the Life series because we found that we weren’t taking enough photos of day-to-day occurrences with Tenley & those little seemingly insignificant moments in life are so beautiful. In a baby’s world, those moments are everything. Tenley is experiencing life and the world as a totally new place and learning new things every single day. It’s so amazing to see her grow and change and adapt and learn right before our eyes!

So we’re not committing to this being a regularly scheduled thing. It won’t be bi-weekly or monthly or whatever. It’ll just be when we feel like doing it! 🙂 That’s the fun part!

Here is a day in the life of Tenley Kay:T-Life_0001She wakes up & gets her diaper changed. Pretty standard baby stuff.
T-Life_0002T-Life_0003T-Life_0004T-Life_0005She likes to laugh & smile.T-Life_0006And blow spit bubbles.T-Life_0007T-Life_0008T-Life_0009The love these two have for each other is pretty darn special.T-Life_0010T-Life_0011T-Life_0012T-Life_0013T-Life_0014T-Life_0015T-Life_0016Her little baby fashion is adorable & we’re so thankful for all of the people who shower her with clothes!T-Life_0017I love these little piggies!T-Life_0018T-Life_0019After she gets changed & dressed for the day, she usually hangs out in her bouncer and talks to us while we eat our breakfast.T-Life_0020T-Life_0021T-Life_0022T-Life_0023T-Life_0024She, of course, likes to eat many times throughout the day. She has a special spot on the couch that she likes to sit when she nurses. And her big brother Norris the pug is often by our side providing lots of snores.T-Life_0025T-Life_0026Here’s Tenley’s mid-morning nap.T-Life_0027She doesn’t nap for long! There’s too much to see! (Thankfully her dry scalp issue is now resolved!)T-Life_0028T-Life_0029Time for another change!T-Life_0030T-Life_0031Laundry. . . laundry for days. 😉 But it’s the cutest laundry imaginable. T-Life_0032T-Life_0033T-Life_0034T-Life_0035For all you worriers out there, Josh was standing right beside her just out of the frame in case she decided to roll. 🙂T-Life_0036It’s so cute when she holds her feet like this. She really likes laying on her belly the most & will roll over almost immediately every time we place her on her back.T-Life_0037T-Life_0038Tenley’s big pug sister Punky is always by her side & follows her around all day. One of Punky’s favorite places is on the glider in Tenley’s room.
T-Life_0039T-Life_0040“What are you doing to me?!” -PunkyT-Life_0041“Oh, you’re just going to pet me? Okay.”T-Life_0042T-Life_0043T-Life_0044T-Life_0045T-Life_0046T-Life_0047T-Life_0048“Gettin’ my roll on.”
T-Life_0049T-Life_0050T-Life_0051T-Life_0052T-Life_0053T-Life_0054This time I changed her clothes for my own amusement. This outfit is one of my favorites.T-Life_0055T-Life_0056T-Life_0057T-Life_0058So really this was just a half day in the life of Tenley because we got busy in the afternoon and evening and I stopped taking photos that day. I’ll have to truly get a full day in the life next time I want to post a blog of Tenley’s adventures. 🙂 We love having her in our life. She adds a lot of fun to our family. We’re thankful we’ll be able to look back at all of these photos & remember her beautiful face in all of its quickly evolving stages.

If you missed Tenley’s birth story you can read about that HERE.