Josh & Danielle Files | Things We Like Lately Volume 3 | Personal Post

Hey! First we want to say thank you very much to everyone who booked a mini session to help with Ashley & Billy Spriggs’ mission trip with the World Race! All of the sessions are booked & we couldn’t be more thankful to each & every one of you who booked a session to help with this awesome cause! So thank you, thank you, thank you! You rock!

It has been awhile since we’ve done a “what we’re into lately” post & it’s very safe to say that our life has changed dramatically since our last post because we had a baby! Everyone says that having a baby completely changes your life, which makes sense, but living the reality has helped us to understand just how much your life changes. My friend came over last week and said something like, “You can just sit there for hours watching them lay on a blanket on the floor and you really wonder what you did with your time before they were in your life.” True!

What we’ve been loving lately is obviously Tenley! We’ll be able to say that for the rest of our lives. 🙂 What we’ve been loving specifically about Tenley is how she is becoming more and more aware of the world. She interacts with us a lot more now with her smiles & her laughs. It’s adorable & melts our hearts! We also adore her little snorts she does. . . it cracks us up! We say she learned to snort from her pug siblings & that it allows her to assimilate into the pug pack! HAHA!

She turned two months on Friday so we took her photo with her stuffed bear for size comparison. She’s surely growing! “Grandma’s Little Cupcake” is getting big! 🙂

T-2-M_0001T-2-M_0002She loves her daddy! She bats her eyelashes at him & flirts.T-2-M_0003T-2-M_0004Kisses from mommy. I’ve never kept track, but I’m pretty sure she gets hundreds daily.T-2-M_0005Something else we really like, but haven’t been doing enough of lately? Making pour over coffees! We went to a class at Generations Coffee House (<—- check out their new website!) and the owner, Christian, showed us the awesome process of making a pour over with a V60. With the pour over brewing method, you’re in charge of each step of the brewing process so you can make yourself a very special cup of joe. You control the temperature of the water, the type of beans, the fineness of the grind of the beans, the type of filter, the strength of the taste of the coffee, and probably other technical things I’m forgetting (it’s science!). Brewing a pour over cup of coffee is like doing a science experiment in your kitchen each morning to provide yourself with the tasty goodness of the warm hug that is caffeine extracted from a coffee bean. Totes amazeballs, yo. 😉 After our class at Generations, we bought the necessities to brew a pour over at home (you can buy these at Generations). Maybe we’ll do a How To on the blog about it, but for now, we’ll just say it’s fun to do & it makes an impressive cup of coffee! If you’re not into doing it yourself, just go to Generations & they’ll hook you up with a pour over (or a latte or a cortado or a cold brew or . . . you get the point 🙂 ). Here’s a cell phone snap of part of the process with the V60.
IMG_20150421_073144In other news, Josh bought a drone. Yes, a drone. That flies in the sky. When he was opening the UPS package he reverted to his six-year-old self on Christmas morning. It was cute. He has been having a lot of fun with it & preparing himself for video shoots with it for Menning Photographic Films. He straps our GoPro to it & zips it around over our house & the surrounding fields. It’s very cool, but I’ve been kind of nervous to try to fly it because I don’t want to crash the thing. I’m sure I’ll eventually get the courage to let ‘er rip. 🙂 Stay tuned for cool stuff from Menning Photographic Films & follow our Facebook posts there to see what we do with this bad boy!T-2-M_0006

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