Introducing Menning Photographic Films

Exciting news! You may have noticed through Instagram or Facebook that we’ve been shooting some videos for local businesses. You might have wondered why we were doing that. After all, we’re wedding photographers, right? Well, you’re right. We are wedding photographers. But we’re very excited to announce that we’ve added a new bit of fun to the mix! We’ve launched Menning Photographic Films!

Menning Photographic Films creates compelling story-based business videos that are a powerful marketing tool for any type of business. The videos allow any business to highlight what makes them special, appeal to their customers in a unique & creative way, and forge a lasting impression that’ll convert viewers into customers & customers into raving fans! We’ve been doing a lot of research on videos & we’ve found that a business’ website is 50% more likely to show up on the first page of an online search when that business has a video on its website. Additionally, 60% of online audiences view videos. Picture your business communicating with viewers not just through text, but through compelling cinematic video that they can see, hear, and connect with emotionally. That’s pretty darn powerful! That can make a difference for your business & we’re stoked to be providing this service with our new business venture Menning Photographic Films!

Check out our website where you can view our recent video work & be sure to drop us a line. We’d love to chat with you about your business’ video needs! Yay for expanding our horizons & taking on new challenges! It keeps us growing & developing & we’re excited for what’s in store!

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