Happy GALentine’s Day 2015

Any Parks & Recreation fans out there? We enjoy it because it’s the perfect mixture of sarcastic & sweet. Leslie Knope is endearing & annoying all at the same time & we love her for it. Here’s her take on what Galentine’s Day is all about:

Leslie’s a little intense & eats way too much whipped cream, but she has a point. We *should* celebrate our lady friends! Since Leslie is right, that’s what we’ll do today on the blog. In honor of Galentine’s Day, here are our favorite moments between besties that we’ve captured on wedding days:

Brooke_Dan_Mill-Creek-Rose-Garden-St-Lucy-Banquet-Center-Youngstown-OH-Wedding_0025Brooke_Dan_Mill-Creek-Rose-Garden-St-Lucy-Banquet-Center-Youngstown-OH-Wedding_0141Christina_Craig_W_1123Brielle_Josh_W_0577Brielle_Josh_W_1043Angela_John_W_0117Tara_Chris_W_0975Tara_Chris_W_1298Suzie_Bobby_W_0815Megan_Chris_W_0629Elaina_Craig_W_0214Erin_Jared_W_0196Michele_Jeff_W_0328The ultimate gal pals. . . mom & daughter. 🙂Devon_Dustin_W_0334Emma_Mike_W_0675Katie_Ben_W_0290Callie_Patrick_W_0422Melissa_Marshall_W_0112Courtney_Ed_W_0112Andrea_Jesse_W_0240Emily_Bryan_W_1417Emily_Bryan_W_1418Jennifer_Zac_W_0755Jennifer_Zac_W_0760And I can’t forget two of my favorite gals, Ashley & Kristin. Love you ladies!Ashley_Nic_W_0316We should celebrate our friendships- the ones who’ve been there for us through our awkward phases, our bad breakups, and our family drama. . . the first ones we called when we met the guy we’d eventually marry. . . the ones who know us sometimes better than we know ourselves. . . the ones we can exchange a glance with & communicate exactly what we’re thinking. Those friendships are important & we’re so blessed to have them! Tell your friends you love them today. 🙂 Happy Galentine’s Day!

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