Flirt With Your Spouse | Marriage Advice | Youngstown Wedding Photographers

Do you remember those moments on your first date with your now-spouse? You were excited. . . maybe a little nervous. . . perhaps even giddy? You blushed when he complimented your eyes. You truly took notice when her hand brushed against yours. You took the time to look into one another’s eyes when you talked. Cell phones weren’t within arm’s reach going off with texts or Facebook alerts. You were courting one another. You flirted. You were complimentary. You were probably even playful. Erica_Chris_Pioneer-Trails-Tree-Farm_Poland-Public-Library_Poland-Village-Park_The-Mocha-House_Youngstown-OH-Wedding-Photographers_0032Just because you’re an “old married couple” now shouldn’t mean that those fun, cute, flirty attributes of your relationship should stop! In fact, now that time has tested your relationship, those attributes are even more important to keeping a spark alive between you. So today we encourage you married couples: pinch his booty, compliment her smile, kiss him like you mean it, and be truly present with one another as you enjoy being together. Your marriage is beautiful. Your spouse deserves the best of you & to feel special, loved, and wanted each day.

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