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Y’all know we photograph weddings and engagement sessions primarily, but we also occasionally photograph families. And it’s fun. . . lots of fun!  We didn’t blog many of our family sessions last year so we’re going to choose a few of our favorites to share with you now. We love that these photos are brightening the walls and homes of beautiful families! 🙂

We especially love when our past wedding couples ask us to photograph them with their newest little family members! 🙂 Melissa & Robbie’s little Evelyn is beautiful!

Swedin_0001I think this one is downright hilarious! Evelyn screamed & these were her grandparents’ reactions.

Swedin_0013We loved photographing this adorable family at their home. They have a beautiful property & the sun was glowing gorgeously (even though it was a bit chilly).Sluss_0001Their daughter Maisyn is so cute & fun!Sluss_0118Sluss_0057Sluss_0023This little guy! Wesley warmed our hearts. He has been through so much in his short life, as you can see from his surgery scar. His mom and dad are absolute troopers & have remained positive in the midst of all of these challenges. We were honored to have the opportunity to capture these memories for them once Wesley got home from the hospital.Wesley_0001Wesley_0023Wesley_0028Wesley_0035Wesley_0038Wesley_0051We spent a beautiful Fall afternoon with Molly, Stephen, and James in the Pittsburgh area. They’re such a wonderful family & they even took us to dinner after the session. . . always appreciated. . . especially by a pregnant lady! 🙂Slaughter_0011Slaughter_0062Their smiles are contagious!Slaughter_0090Slaughter_0096Slaughter_0137And we always try to get a few photos with just mom & dad during a family session. 🙂Slaughter_0172It was yet another stunning Fall day during our session with Sara, Ryan, & Easton. She had just turned one at the time & she was FULL of smiles! She melted our hearts! And it’s so evident how much she is loved.Ogrodnik_0015Ogrodnik_0018Ogrodnik_0045Ogrodnik_0079Ogrodnik_0087Ogrodnik_0101Ogrodnik_0115Ogrodnik_0138Those bib overalls were perfect for her sitting in the cornfield photos!Ogrodnik_0171Ogrodnik_0211We had a lot of fun with this awesome family of five. . . soon to be a family of six. These cute kids’ momma was expecting during this session, but she was so early along that no one knew quite yet. 🙂Postle_0019Postle_0089Postle_0029Postle_0057They’re so adorable! And we loved the Christmas cards they sent out with these images on them!Postle_0084Postle_0126Postle_0201Postle_0258Postle_0270Postle_0279Postle_0301Postle_0324We had fun at Mill Creek Park with Amanda, DJ, and their kids. They are all so very full of personality! The kids were hams so that made the session really enjoyable. We’re pretty sure they had fun, too. 😉Kridler_0077Kridler_0097Kridler_0142Kridler_0173Kridler_0239Kridler_0245At the end of a family session, we let the kids’ true selves emerge. Kridler_0263Kridler_0298Jill, Matt, and their girls are adorable.Griffith_0001Griffith_0014I promise that this is a nice hug.Griffith_0026Griffith_0045Griffith_0051Griffith_0058Griffith_0114Griffith_0140Griffith_0142Griffith_0143Griffith_0177This was a huge family session with the whole fam! Grandma, Grandpa, their kids, and their grandkids all jumped in!Lisko_0040Lisko_0042Lisko_0098Lisko_0110And we get the privilege of shooting for my beautiful sister and her awesome family! We had a few sessions with them last year:

Laverie_Twins_00Laverie_Twins_04Addison_3-Year_00Addison_3-Year_01Laverie_0001Laverie_0002Laverie_0003twin_0004twin_0006twin_0012twin_0013twin_0023twin_0024Laverie_Children_00We loved shooting Nicole & Chad’s maternity session. They are wedding clients so it’s always fun to see wedding clients’ families grow!
Nicole_Chad_M_00Nicole_Chad_M_01These boys were SOOOOO cute & they’re getting a little brother soon!

Davis_0007Davis_0012Davis_0022Davis_0027Davis_0045Parker had a grand time for his one-year session!Parker-1-Year_01Layton- OMG, what a cutie he is!Layton_00Layton_6-Month-Firestone-Park-Columbiana-OH-Child-Photography_0002Layton_6-Month-Firestone-Park-Columbiana-OH-Child-Photography_0005Pretty little Bristol turned one. We love her & her parents!Bristol_1-Year_01Bristol_1-Year_0002Bristol_1-Year_Fellows-Riverside-Gardens-Mill-Creek-Youngstown-OH-Baby-Photography_0016Bristol_1-Year_Fellows-Riverside-Gardens-Mill-Creek-Youngstown-OH-Baby-Photography_0033It wasn’t technically a family session, but we were so happy to shoot a few family portraits for these great people during our Small Business Showcase of Generations Coffee House.Generations_32Generations_33Generations_37Can’t believe this adorable guy is over a year old now!Generations_38And this cutie turned three last year so we took some photos of him at his house. He is always hard to catch, but we got him. 🙂Tallen_00-3-YearFamily photo sessions are so important. We love that our clients will have these memories forever & really love that the kids will get to look back at the photos someday and remember playing and goofing around with their parents & siblings.

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