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Oh my word, these babies! They’re Landon James & Mason Ray. They’re nine months old TODAY! They’re fraternal twins & they’re our nephews! We had a hoot photographing them for this session in our backyard. All three of us (me, Josh, and my sister) were making crazy noises, looking at them with the silliest facial expressions, dancing, jumping up and down, and doing our best seal impressions. Hey, whatever works, right?! Please enjoy these fun & adorable photographs of our twin nephews and their many expressions.

This is Landon. He’s squishy, stoic, cuddly, and pensive. Plus, his hair obv rocks. He’s the older of the twins.

Youngstown photographerstwin_0002twin_0003twin_0004twin_0005Don’t you adore how they’re so different and so beautiful in their own way?twin_0006twin_0008This is Mason. He’s energetic, smiley, precious, and loves to jump and squirm. twin_0009twin_0010twin_0011twin_0012twin_0013twin_0014I just can’t. This is too funny. Watching them interact is special.twin_0015twin_0016This one Cracks.Me.Up.twin_0017Hugs for brother.twin_0018twin_0019twin_0020If you’re happy & you know it, clap your hands. Landon= a fan. Mason= not so much.twin_0021twin_0022twin_0023My beautiful sister, Angie, is a fabulous mommy.twin_0024We love these babies so much! Happy 9 months old, Mason & Landon!

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