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My friend once shared with me that when the bride walks down the aisle, she strains her neck to look past all of the people standing in front of her to see the groom’s reaction. She doesn’t first look at the bride & her gown and her bouquet. She wants to see how the groom reacts.

I think every bride imagines what her groom’s facial expression will be when he sees her for the first time on their wedding day- whether that is during the first look (a more intimate moment in which the couple can embrace and talk and laugh together) or when he sees her walk down the aisle toward him during the wedding ceremony (in front of all of their family members & friends). No matter how it happens, it is a special moment during the wedding day & having photos that capture the emotion & expression is priceless!

groomgroom seeing bride for the first time on wedding daygroom seeing bride for the first time on wedding daygroom seeing bride for the first timegroom seeing bride for the first timegroom seeing bride on the wedding day for the first timeChristina_Craig_St-Christines-Parish-Lantermans-Mill-Silver-Bridge-Fellows-Riverside-Gardens-Mill-Creek-Park-Youngstown-OH-Wedding_0008Jessica_Rick_St-Patricks-Church-Mill-Creek-Park-Youngstown-OH-Wedding-Photography_0014

Holly_John_W_27And here are a few first looks that we LOVE! It’s so amazing to see each other before the wedding ceremony privately, intimately, and in an extremely special way. You get to talk, touch, kiss, and hang out more on your wedding day! 🙂 The only reason there is a tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding day is due to arranged marriages so the groom couldn’t back out if he didn’t like what he saw- how romantic, right?! Ummm…not so much. Another reason we hear from couples that they don’t want to do a first look is that they’re afraid seeing each other before the ceremony will “take away” from the groom’s reaction to seeing the bride walk down the aisle. The groom’s reaction to seeing his beloved bride walk down the aisle toward him has everything to do with his LOVE for her, his admiration of her, his attraction to her, and the complete and total gravity of the important moment in your lives. That won’t change because he saw you and talked to you and touched you before the ceremony. He’s not crying or emotional or smiling from ear to ear because he’s never seen you in your dress before that exact moment- he’s crying or emotional or smiling from ear to ear because he LOVES you, he’s incredibly happy to be marrying you, and you’re walking down the aisle toward him to embark on a journey that’ll last a lifetime together. Our point is, first looks are amazing, make wedding timelines a lot more stress-free, and allow for more time for togetherness, love, and awesome photos on your wedding day!

Dan was blown away when he first saw Angella!
first look of bride and groomAnd he still cried and got choked up during the wedding ceremony.
Angella_Dan_W_29first look photosMelissa_Quinn_W_23first look wedding photos in PittsburghLeslie_Matt_06Leslie_Matt_07I loved Leah & Ian’s first look outside of Duquesne Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Pittsburgh! They were so sweet together. And I loved how he had her spin around so he could check her out. 🙂 Too cute!
first look photos in Pittsburgh on Duquesne CampusLeah_Ian_11_Pittsburgh-Wedding-Duquesne-Chapel-First-LookLeah_Ian_12_Pittsburgh-Wedding-Duquesne-Chapel-First-LookLeah_Ian_13_Pittsburgh-Wedding-Duquesne-Chapel-First-LookLeah_Ian_14_Pittsburgh-Wedding-Duquesne-Chapel-First-LookLeah_Ian_15_Pittsburgh-Wedding-Duquesne-Chapel-First-LookLeah_Ian_16_Pittsburgh-Wedding-Duquesne-Chapel-First-LookLeah_Ian_17_Pittsburgh-Wedding-Duquesne-Chapel-First-Look
The groom seeing his bride for the first time on the wedding day has to be one of the best moments no matter if it’s when she walks down the aisle or when they enjoy a first look together. It’s a moment full of butterflies, anticipation, happiness, excitement, and love. We just love it!

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