2012 Year-in-Review Series: Break Dancing & The Worm | Northeast Ohio & Western Pennsylvania Wedding Photography

Wedding receptions are a time for romance. A time for laughter. A time for fellowship. A time for . . . break dancing and doing the worm? Of course!

Youngstown Ohio wedding photos

You best believe we’ll be capturing that action!

Youngstown, Ohio wedding photographersColumbiana Ohio wedding photography

This groom knows what’s up and how to get down!

New Castle, PA wedding photography

At this reception, the groomsmen had a little dance-off.

Warren, Ohio wedding photographyNiles, Ohio wedding photographers

I really don’t know what to call this move, but everyone is smiling. 🙂Canfield, Ohio wedding photographyHere at Menning Photographic, we love getting into the dancing action and capturing your family and friends at their grooviest.