Kelsey & Cliff have been a couple since they were kids. They’ve been together 9 years! Because their wedding day was such a long time in the making, they both knew exactly what they wanted & everything came together beautifully. Their style is unique & their wedding was, too. Kelsey’s hair, jewelry, and dress reminded me of Marilyn Monroe. She looked gorgeous. And we loved shooting portraits in The Butler!
Kelsey & her bridesmaids were getting beautified at Bang! Hair Studio in Liberty. I spy a past Menning Photographic bride in the background. Josh was with Cliff & the fellows at the hotel.The sky was bluer than blue that day!
Dick Adgate Florist created the floral bouquets.Those bright blue stained glass windows are amazing. What a pretty church!The lipstick. Totally reminds me of the last photo of their engagement session blog.So much happiness!Finally married after nine years. Love it!Stunning.And Cliff had to be a bit goofy or it just wouldn’t have been him. He is a goofball!The Cake Boutique made this little cute number.Their decor truly reflected their personal style, which is always the goal, right?!They are so sweet & we absolutely love that our job is getting to witness people so genuinely happy.Shout out to Damon from D&R Audio for his DJ skills & uplighting.Congratulations, Kelsey & Cliff! We’re so happy for you & wish you many years of wonderful wedded bliss.

Five years of marriage. How is that possible?

DJMenning_W_0532[Photo- Inlux Photo]

How are we not 19 and 21 years old playing catch in the park asking one another the silliest questions that pop into our minds like, “Would you still love me if my right arm weighed 87 pounds and my left arm weighed 3 pounds?” How are we not sitting by a flicking summertime bonfire in 2005 surrounded by people but only seeing each other as you slip your arm around me and I look up at you and whisper, “I think you really like me.” How are we not crowded into the Robin Hood at Kent State University barely able to move, smashed between a few hundred people, chests feeling the beat of a kick drum as we lose our voices singing to one of our favorite bands? How are we not confessing our deepest fears and dreams to one another as we drive from college to our hometown together on a weekend trip in that green Ford Escort that thankfully started up without protest for once? How are we not hanging out on that black futon eating Lean Cuisines for dinner on a Thursday night after I drove from my apartment in Akron to your dorm in Kent so that we could see each other even though studying was piling high for me in law school and your CAD projects were close to being due? How are we not strolling hand in hand in 2008 (you with your fresh koi tattoo that has since gently faded) in downtown Atlanta through the pouring rain, my flip flops slipping off and floating in the small river down the sidewalk on our way to eat at Hooters after exploring The High Art Museum? How are we not getting locked out of my Brimfield townhouse after pushing the cab driver out of two feet of snow in the driveway, breathlessly breaking into the garage and sliding head first on our bellies to make it into the house completely soaked? How are we not walking down the center aisle at our church hand in hand, smiles that can’t be wiped from our faces, elated at the fact that we just said “Forever,” feeling like we were floating? How are we not decorating for Christmas in our first home together and spoiling Norris with way too many toys and treats? How is it that we’ve both been full time in our wedding photography business for over two years now when it feels like only a minute has passed? How has it been five years of marriage for us? I think that’s truly the beauty of marriage- when I look at you, I see that shy 19-year-old who was too intimidated to kiss me at first, the determined 20-year-old working so hard in his job and in college, that happy go lucky 21-year-old that everyone wanted to be friends with, the college graduate 22-year-old figuring out how to make his dreams come to fruition, the determined 23-year-old always full of fun yet not quite sure what he wanted out of life, the 24-year-old newlywed wanting nothing more than to make me happy, the 25-year-old working so hard at two full time jobs just to make this entrepreneurial dream a reality, the 26-year-old business owner and coworker of mine who is the only one I’d ever want to build this life with, the 27-year-old traipsing through Europe with me, the 28-year-old dad-to-be with his hand on my belly feeling our baby’s first movements, and the 29-year-old father to our child melting with joy as his baby girl looks up at his face for the first time. All of that- all of the sheer joy and all of the heart wrenching sorrow we’ve felt over the past five years- every part of what we’ve built together and how our marriage has grown and developed and changed and evolved, I see all of that in your eyes every time I look at you. That’s why it’s hard to imagine that five years of marriage have flown by and that’s how it’s impossible to imagine life any other way. I’m blessed to be your wife and I’m beyond thankful for you, Joshua. Lord-willing, 70 years down the road, I know I’ll simultaneously see a 19-year-old spark and a wise and well-lived life in your then 100-year-old eyes as we weather life’s storms coming out all the stronger together for it. Happy fifth wedding anniversary. I love you.Menning-Fam-Oct_0001

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    Amy Grimes - You guys are AMAZING! I hope your 5th Anniversary is overflowing with love, joy, bright blessings and the sweetest of memories! Enjoy your wealth because without the monetary values in life you are both truly rich! Congrats!!!!!ReplyCancel

Jeana (pronounced Gee-nuh) and Joe (pronounced Joe hehe) met through mutual friends- the kind of mutual friends you want to keep around! When friends introduce you to your future spouse, that’s winning, no?! Jeana & Joe are super cute together & Joe didn’t even complain that their engagement session was scheduled during the Browns-Steelers game. He mentioned it, but only once. And we’re pretty sure that although sometimes he puts on a tough guy act (he is a boilermaker, after all), he’d do anything to make Jeana smile. We had a great time strolling around YSU’s campus & downtown Youngstown for their late Fall engagement session & we’re sure their August wedding next  year will be wonderful!
They should be models for a toothpaste commercial! Their smiles are so bright! Nothing inappropriate at all was mentioned to elicit this reaction. Nothing at all.:)Jeana’s eyes are so amazingly stunning! They’re the kind of bright blue eyes that can’t help but grab your attention. So pretty.This one was just for giggles.This is a favorite. That sunlight!We walked all around downtown & Jeana was a trooper in those heels. They were having fun with all of the “picking up” poses.
ha!Thanks for a fun night, Jeana & Joe! You guys are really awesome together & we’re looking forward to the wedding day!

When a couple is as adorable as Kelly & Jon, the wedding day just has to be amazing. They’re one of those couples that simply makes sense. They are goofy & awkward in the most wonderfully weird way & that suits them both perfectly. We are so happy that they’re married & so are their family members & friends. The day was fun & full of love from beginning to end & it was really great to get to be part of it all. And just wait until you see their spectacular reception venue! The Lake Erie Building is an old warehouse full of windows, natural light, and industrial charm. It contrasted beautifully with the details planned out so beautifully by Kelly.
When you get married on Halloween, Hulk Hogan may do your hair & makeup, which is epic. That mustache! Jon’s styling digs.What a great guy he is! He & Kelly met at work. There has to really be something there for people to bypass the barrier of “Oh no. We work together. This could be really weird if it doesn’t end well” vibe that goes along with starting to date a coworker. Thankfully, Kelly & Jon took the risk!This dress was PERFECT for Kelly even though she set out dress shopping with a non-lacy, non-tulle dress in mind. She pretty much went exactly the opposite direction she thought she’d go with her wedding dress, and it was definitely for the best. She looked beyond stunning.The cake topper from Kelly’s dad for just a bit of Halloween flare.Kelly, you are beautiful!It was first look time!They are the sweetest.That very pretty bridesmaid far right in the back row is none other than my sister Lisa. She & Kelly were sorority sisters at Bethany College.The gray & navy were spot on!You probably won’t believe me, but Kelly’s & her bridesmaids’ bouquets were DIY!He had to compose himself for a beat when he saw Kelly walking down the aisle toward him.COULD THIS BE ANY COOLER?! Heck no! We got to take some of their portraits in a level of the warehouse where they used to manufacture these cars. LOVE it!This reminds me of Mad Men.
We could’ve photographed portraits of these two all day.Everything looked so pretty!Their guests signed & wrote messages to them on their Jenga tiles so they can always reminisce on their wedding day on fun little game date nights. Their grand entrance:Their authentic & overwhelming happiness just oozes from them.Kelly & her Alpha Xi Delta sisters:Jon valiantly fought through the polka barrier of family members & friends to reunite with his new wife. My sister caught the bouquet! And she is engaged. Yay!We had to sneak them away for a minute!Kelly & Jon, thank you, thank you, thank you for choosing us to capture your wedding day memories! We had a lovely time & are very happy for you two! Welcome to the married club!

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Another wedding on the blog?! But, of course! And it’s a really pretty one! Ashley & Sean met when Sean had to install a new work phone at Ashley’s desk. Romantic, right? Her story is that he gave her an old fashioned phone that didn’t really work too well. His story is that he just wanted to keep talking with her & didn’t so much care about installing the phone that day. Sean wanted a date with this beautiful girl he had the good fortune to meet. When he invited her to a Steelers game, she was game! The rest is history!
On their wedding day, I met Ashley & her bridesmaids at Head to Toes Salon.Her earrings were a gift from her Matron of Honor so she wore them that morning as she got ready for the day.Ashley is so sweet & really cares about others. Sean is such a lucky guy!I peeked out the salon window to see this ivy covered wall & couldn’t resist it for a few photos!Meanwhile, Josh was with Sean & the groomsmen as they tossed around a football in their personalized jerseys.As Sean got ready for the wedding day, he stopped for a few moments alone to reflect and to read his card from Ashley.After the salon, Ashley & her bridesmaids went to a hotel to get dressed & Ashley got to read her letter from Sean. The behind the scenes shots of this dress getting into this pretty tree are entertaining. Thanks to Ashley’s brother, mom, and bridesmaids for your efforts & for the laughs. Once Ashley & Sean were ready, it was time for their first look. The leaves COULD NOT have been prettier! And Ashley’s dress. . . WHOA!
Their reactions to one another were so sweet.And they exchanged gifts. Sean got Ashley two gorgeous bands to go with her engagement ring (even though they had already talked about the second band being a possible 5 year anniversary gift, Sean couldn’t help himself!) and Ashley got Sean a spiffy new watch.I’ll just let these photos speak for themselves. I’m speechless!
The wedding took place in the warm and inviting rustic barn at The Links at Firestone Farms.
Ashley & her dad: Two happy hitched people!They are so cute!A cake by the ever talented Das Dutch Haus.And, of course, these two just had to bust out their terrible towels.Their first dance was too sweet for words.
Ashley & Sean, we had such a great time getting to know you & we’re beyond happy for you both to start this journey of marriage together. We know you fully intend to have God as the center of your marriage & we’re confident that is the way to enjoy a marriage stronger & more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Congratulations again & we sincerely hope that you and your family will enjoy these photos for generations to come.

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    Tia Paul - Beautiful wedding pictures and what an awesome display of the day’s events! Enjoyed every photo! -Tia PaulReplyCancel