These Cleveland Indians fans who love to go to games together couldn’t think of anywhere other than Progressive Field for their engagement session & we completely agree. We started off near the Cleveland Public Library, headed down to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Voinovich Park area, and then finished up at East 4th Street, but the place where they seemed most enlivened & energetic was the ballpark. Joe was definitely in his element & we could tell that Sarah loves it when Joe is excited about those Indians. It was so much fun & we can’t wait for their June wedding!
Cleveland Public Library Engagement PhotosCleveland Public Library Engagement PhotosThese two needed no encouragement to cuddle up. They’re super sweet together. We told them that & Sarah was quick to say that they’ve had lots of time to practice. They met through Greek life at YSU and have been dating for over seven years. We love hanging with all of our couples, but there’s something so special about couples who’ve dated for awhile before getting engaged. They really, really know & get each other. And they’re not afraid, as Sarah put it, “To stop holding hands if the other person’s is sweaty.” HAHA. So true. . . when you’ve dated that long, you’re comfortable enough together to say, “Hey, my hand’s getting hot.” Neither of you will be offended or hurt. It’s just you being yourself without being on your best behavior like you were when you were first dating. You’re beyond that surface level & able to delve deeper. All stages of dating your true love are amazing, but there’s something great about reaching the comfortable & cozy & fun spot of really knowing each other like Sarah & Joe have.Cleveland Public Library Engagement PhotosRock n Roll Hall of Fame Engagement SessionVoinovich Park Engagement PhotosSarah & Joe picked out her ring together, but she wasn’t sure when he was going to propose. A few years in a row, significant things had happened for their relationship on Christmas Eve so she sort of expected it then. She was pleasantly surprised (which is hard to do normally, let alone when she knew he had the ring) when he asked her to marry him on December 22. Voinovich Park Engagement PhotosVoinovich Park Engagement PhotosCleveland Engagement PhotosCleveland Engagement PhotosCleveland Engagement PhotosIt was a blustery & unseasonably (refreshingly) cooler day for August & Sarah’s hair looked so amazing blowing in the wind. High model shoot! Woohoo!Cleveland Engagement PhotosCleveland Engagement PhotosCleveland Engagement PhotosThis is a favorite, for sure! I love her lace dress, her bright smile, and how much Joe loves her.Cleveland Engagement PhotosCleveland Engagement PhotosThen it was time for Progressive Field. Go Tribe! Progressive Field Engagement SessionProgressive Field Engagement SessionProgressive Field Engagement PhotosCleveland Indians engagement photosbaseball themed engagement session in a ballparkThe Indians whipped the Brewers that night. Yahoo!
Progressive Field engagement photosbaseball stadium engagement photosThis was a crowning moment for Joe. John Adams (the drummer at Indians home games) obliged for a photo opp & he was so nice about it. He handed them the sticks & said, “You can act like you’re hitting the drum. . . or hitting each other.” John Smith Cleveland Indians drummerEast 4th Street was our final destination for the engagement session & these two rocked it out. E 4th Street engagement photosE 4th Street engagement photographyCleveland engagement photographyCleveland engagement photosThanks for a fun night in The Land, Sarah & Joe! We’re really excited for your June wedding & know it’ll be a blast.

We were able to sneak away last week for a few days to Amish Country. We’re thankful for the rest & relaxation we were able to enjoy while in Sugarcreek. This is the adorable (and spotless!) cabin we called home for a few days.
Sugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationThe skylights allowed in such beautiful light. Sugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationJosh and I absolutely love stargazing together. There’s something so comforting, relaxing, and cozy about laying my head on his shoulder and watching for shooting stars as we marvel at the beauty of the night sky and the peacefulness of the world after most people nearby have settled in for the evening. We were able to enjoy the stars from the hot tub (with a baby monitor nearby) once Tenley went to sleep each night. We agreed that we need one at home for when we come home decrepit and sore after shooting weddings. HAHA!Sugarcreek vacationShe made vacation so much fun!Sugarcreek_0010The first night we didn’t get there until 5:30 & we were hungry so Josh went and picked up pizza from a great local joint Park Street Pizza. . . we like that their mission is to use fresh locally grown ingredients & it was delish!Park Street PizzaPark Street PizzaSugarcreek_0013The next day we strolled around downtown Sugarcreek after getting some coffee & lunch at Wallhouse Coffee. Sugarcreek is a cute place- quaint & quiet save for the sounds of polka music and horses’ hooves.Sugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationSugarcreek_0016Sugarcreek is known as Ohio’s Little Switzerland & they’re famous for being home to the world’s largest cuckoo clock.Sugarcreek vacationSugarcreek cuckoo clockSugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationWalking around helped us work up an appetite to eat some Amish home cookin’ at Der Dutchman Restaurant. Our favorite comfort foods abounded in Sugarcreek! The view from the parking lot was impressive.Sugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationSugarcreek vacationSugarcreek_0027We had a little Tenley photo shoot the next day on account of she’s cute & nice light was coming in from the skylights.Sugarcreek_0028Sugarcreek_0029Sugarcreek_0030Sugarcreek_0031Sugarcreek_0032Sugarcreek_0033Sugarcreek_0034Sugarcreek_0035Sugarcreek_0036Sugarcreek_0037Sugarcreek_0038Sugarcreek_0039After the shoot we headed down the road to Heini’s Cheese Chalet to EAT.ALL.THE.CHEESE. LOL. But seriously, you arm yourself with a toothpick & stroll on down the line stabbing & sampling all of the flavors as you go. Yum. Cheese. And fudge. . . we could never forget the fudge, you guys. Too bad Tenley doesn’t eat solid food yet. . . maybe we’ll go back another time so she can sample the deliciousness. Sugarcreek vacationHeiniSugarcreek_0042Sugarcreek_0043Sugarcreek_0044Josh noshing.Sugarcreek_0045Sugarcreek_0046Sugarcreek_0047After Heini’s we went to eat at Mrs. Yoder’s. More delightful country cooking and comfort foods. We’ll be dreaming about peanut butter spread (not the same thing as peanut butter) on warm fresh baked bread for quite awhile.

The cabin we stayed in was super cute & very, very clean. There’s a pretty lake on the property that you can walk to easily & it’s definitely out there in the heart of Amish Country. Horses & buggies passed, kids walked around with no shoes on, horses chomped on grass, and cows grazed . . . all within a few hundred yards of our little home away from home. It was quiet, homey, and just what we needed right in the midst of our busy season. We slowed down & enjoyed being a little family. Sugarcreek_0048Thanks for reading along about our adventures. You can check out past travel posts below:

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We’re so excited to share Bekah & Derek’s wedding photos with you today! Their wedding day was wonderful from beginning to end & they’re picture perfect together. They’re one of those couples who look like they simply fit together, but more than that, they’re committed to their marriage & have common interests in so many fun things. Their parents have set fabulous examples of long lasting marriages for them. The bridesmaids were even gushing during hair & makeup that Bekah’s parents are the absolute cutest together. We’re so excited to see what the future will hold for Rebekah & Derek! Their wedding day was traditional in the best sense of the word & we were so glad we got to photograph the start to their forever together.
I started the day with the bride & bridesmaids at a hotel in Boardman. Korisa did a fantastic job with airbrush makeup for Bekah & her mom before heading off to her next wedding party of the day. Book her well in advance- she’s popular because she rocks, Ladies! So I have to share a story about the awesomeness that was Derek’s wedding day gift to Bekah! This man knows his woman & what she likes! Guys take note. They love love love all things Disney (they even got engaged there!) so he got her a Wifey shirt in Disney font. So cute! He also got her a Tiffany necklace that they were both searching for everywhere but couldn’t find. He surprised her by finding it & giving it to her on their wedding day morning. She also got an amazing personalized framed sign with the dates they met, got engaged, and their wedding date. Great job, Derek! Rebekah definitely did a wonderful job with wedding day gift giving, too. She got Derek a candlelit dinner on their honeymoon. Heck yeah! And she had to go to pretty great lengths to keep it a secret from him. I’m sure he thinks it was worth the secrecy, though.Stephanie Leigh Bridal in Girard is a fab local place to get your wedding gown & Bekah’s couldn’t have been more perfect for her. They even customized it to her liking by adding those cap sleeves. LOVE!Her Manolo Blahniks were her Something Blue & these beauties were the last ones in the U.S. They were shipped from California for the bride. Everything about her look was classically beautiful!Josh was with Derek & the guys. They have it so easy. Shower, hair gel, tuxes on & out the door they go.Once we got to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, there wasn’t much time to spare. It was go time & wedding time. It was finally time for Derek to see his bride walk down the aisle!I saw Derek mouth the words, “Wow!” and “Gorgeous!” when he saw Rebekah walk toward him.
We took the short drive over to Fellows Riverside Gardens for some bridal party & bride & groom portraits. The sky was perfectly overcast so we could shoot wherever we wanted & not worry about squinting & shadows. . . yes!That royal blue popped! Great lookin’ bridal party!Casa Dei Fiori made the wedding day flowers.Stunning in every way!The Rose Garden was on point that day!And these two are gorgeous together. Like I said, they look like they fit together perfectly!Wedding day shoes/socks swag:This one reminds Josh & me of one shot during their engagement session. See if you can figure out which one. Derek & Bekah said that this started out as a joke. Derek sarcastically said, “Let’s get an ice sculpture for the wedding.” A Google search just for fun turned into this!Clarencedale did a fab job with the cake.Steve Fazzini was his usual bubbly self full of personality & crowd pleasing ways.Bekah’s 90-year-old aunt was a cutie.Josh makes friends wherever he goes. Mother & daughter. This is one of my favorites from the entire wedding day!Rebekah & Derek, thank you both so much for sharing your wedding day with us! We wish you the best in your married life! Cheers to many, many more years together!

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We had a fun little engagement session with Kelly & Chris in their own backyard. Their wedding is coming up very quickly! We’re pretty sure it’s going to be the most laid back wedding ever. The bride, groom, their families, and their bridal party are all getting ready for the wedding day together at Kelly & Chris’ home, the ceremony is a short ten minute drive away at a local church, and their reception is another short ten minute drive away. A lot of Chris’ family is local, but a lot of Kelly’s are spread out across the globe so they’re really excited to see everyone together who is able to make the trip to Ohio for their wedding day celebration. rustic engagement sessionThis may or may not sum up their relationship. Ha! They met each other at paramedic school, but they didn’t start dating right away because (honestly) Kelly thought Chris was “scary.”
rustic engagement photosFastforward a few years & they started dating. Sometimes opposites attract & it just works.rustic engagement photosIt definitely works for Kelly & Chris. Although they’re both busy with work, they love to enjoy the simplicity of a bonfire at home when they get a chance to spend time together. They’re both huge fans of the land they bought with their first home & love being outdoors. They surely take after our own hearts on that one!rustic engagement photosAnd Kelly’s smile lights up everything around her. Love it! She’ll be a beautiful bride in a few short weeks!rustic engagement photosrustic engagement photosrustic engagement photosChris is the strong, silent type in a lot of ways, but when he does talk, it’s often a sarcastic comment that’ll have everyone laughing.
rustic engagement photosrustic engagement photosTheir wedding day will be here before we know it! Can’t wait.

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Julie & Andrew are one of those couples you really, really want to hang out with. They’re two of the most genuinely kind people we’ve ever known. They take interest in others & make everyone feel welcome & comfortable around them. They’re absolutely perfect together. Julie’s sister said in her toast to the couple that their love is what fairytales, storybooks, and romantic movies are made of. Anyone who is around them for any period of time is bound to see why- they radiate joy when they’re with one another. Both Julie’s family & Andrew’s family agree that they’ve never seen Julie or Andrew as happy as they are when they’re with each other. And that’s why photographing their wedding day was so wonderful.
I met Julie & her bridesmaids at Profiles Salon in Boardman. Not only is Julie a gorgeous girl, she’s also quick-witted & hilarious.
While I was with Julie, Josh was with Andrew & the groomsmen (four of them are his brothers) at his parents’ home.Their wedding day was so pretty.After the ceremony, we ventured to Fellows Riverside Gardens in Mill Creek Park for some bridal party photos & bride & groom portraits. Their bridal party was perfect- fun, nice, & great looking.I gush about Jenny at The Willows by Wehr all of the time, but I’m going to do it again because JUST LOOK AT THESE BOUQUETS! Such a cute story behind this photo- Julie’s parents got engaged in this very spot & had some wedding photos taken here so we snapped a few here, too. That veil, those roses, the way he’s holding her tight. . . *sigh*

It was special to return to the spots we took some of their engagement photos.
The back of her dress was to die for! She rocked it out. She was a beautiful mix of elegant, classy, and sexy on her wedding day.Jenny killed it with the centerpieces at Mr. Anthony’s, too.Katie Fabis made this pretty wedding cake.Cookie table swag:Julie & Andrew both have amazing examples of long lasting marriages in their parents. We had to include these cuties in the blog! They’re Abi & Brock & we photographed their wedding in 2013- doesn’t Abi look great with her little girl on the way?DJ Richie D kept everyone on the dance floor & having a great time.The gorgeous woman in the purple dress is Julie’s mother. . . her mother, folks! She definitely looks like she could be her sister!Photos like this one are often among my favorites of the wedding day- the bride & groom caught in a loving moment while they’re surrounded by their closest family & friends. They’re so in love & happy that even when they’re surrounded by commotion they can’t take their eyes off each other.
Julie & Andrew, we can’t thank you two enough for allowing us to be part of the best day of your lives (so far). We are so happy for you both! You deserve all of the happiness in the world. Congrats!

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