Tara & Chris enjoyed a beautiful wedding day in August; they went to the chapel in Boardman Park, got married, and had a blast with their family & friends at their wedding reception at Mr. Anthony’s. Tara looked like a beautiful princess & Chris said that seeing her walk down the aisle was “more beautiful than he had imagined.” We’re glad we got to be a part of the day & witness these two start their forever together. Josh started his day off with the guys at The Blade for a hot shave. He said they were all making the barber laugh so much that he had to tell them to stop making jokes since he had a really sharp blade in his hand.:)
I was with Tara & the bridesmaids & moms at Arlante Salon in Poland. Since the guys and girls were both at the same hotel getting ready before the wedding (the Holiday Inn), the groomsmen brought Tara her gift from Chris. They  all decided they wanted in on it & made her read the letter Chris wrote out loud. Tara resisted at first because she didn’t want to get too emotional, but they pressured her & she made it through the letter without crying.:)Chris’ wedding day gift to Tara was a beautiful Tiffany & Co. bracelet. Tara got her gorgeous gown at Jacqueline’s BridalYou know your Matron of Honor/best friend is a real keeper when she’ll rub wax on the jewels on your dress so your hair and veil won’t stick to them.:)Meanwhile, at St. James Meeting House, the ring bearer was taking a quick snooze.And Tara & her girls rode their trolley to the church. The trolley is through Jubilee LimousineChris’ mom & Tara’s mom just before the ceremony:Jenny from The Willows by Wehr did an amazing job (as always!) with the flowers! The Willows by Wehr has a new and awesome location in Columbiana. Check them out!They’re married! Yay!Tara & Chris had rented Stambaugh Auditorium for some photos in between their ceremony & reception. This place holds significance to them because they both attended a lot of events here during their sorority and fraternity days at YSU, which is where/how they met.:)Great looking, classic bridal party! And they were really cooperative and cool to us…always appreciated!Tara is gorgeous & Chris is smitten.What’s desirable about renting Stambaugh for photos on your wedding day is that there are equally stunning indoor and outdoor options so whatever the weather does, you’ll have great photo ops.
Randy Johnson Pastries crafted the pretty cake.The groom’s cake gave a nod to their alma mater. Chris’ mom, Pam, made this cake.Tara’s sister, Leanna, told everyone stories about how opposite she and Tara are, but how she knows Tara & Chris are made for each other.Chris’ brother, Scott, gave a short and sweet toast.Then they were introduced officially as husband and wife.And they shared their first dance as a married couple to “My First Love Song” by Luke Bryan.The dancing was nonstop! DJ Richie D did a fun job of keeping everyone involved.Tara’s Alpha Omicron Pi sisters sang to her.And Chris & his Sigma Alpha Epsilon brothers sang to Tara, too.Unfortunately, Tara’s mom, Debbie, had sprained her ankle at the rehearsal dinner and was on crutches, but she kept a positive attitude and didn’t let it hold her back from having fun at the wedding and reception! She even used her crutches as a dancing prop.:)Tara & her dad:Chris & his mom:Chris can breakdance! Seriously! He has moves!And end of the night romantic shot in the updated lounge area near the bar in Mr. Anthony’s. This is a cool area!Tara & Chris, thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your wedding day! We had a great time with you two & we pray that your life together brings you happiness, love, laughter, and fun!

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Amber & Matt grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania, lived their separate lives, never met, and then both went off to college. . . at the same place: Kent State University. That’s where they met & they’ve been inseparable ever since. Now they live in Texas. But they decided to bring it back to rural Pennsylvania for their wedding. It was a pretty & rustic barn wedding & it couldn’t have been a more fitting way for these two to start their married life together! Sunflowers, burlap, lace, and cowboy boots all came together in a charming & beautiful way.
Mitchell Ponds Inne was a picturesque backdrop for their lovely wedding day!Ellie, Amber & Matt’s dog, was the flower girl.  Amber is a veterinarian and an avid animal lover. . . except for frogs, but that’s another story for another day.;)Super Max the ring bearer!A few sprinkles fell just before the ceremony started, but the skies cleared and the sun shone down during the wedding ceremony. The ring bearer laying down on the job.:)So many smiles and laughs during the ceremony!These ladies were so nice and laid back. I loved it!And the fellas. Reminds me Blake Shelton’s “Boys ‘Round Here.” Gorgeous bride! It was so great to see her again and witness her get married. She and her two roommates, Liz & Jen, lived on the opposite side of a duplex I lived in while I was in law school. They were always so fun to hang out with.The grounds of Mitchel Ponds Inne are very charming.We finished up the photos & the wind kicked up & heavy rain moved in just in time for the reception to begin. We had cover in the barn so it all worked out well & the rain passed after a bit.Shana’s Cupcakes in Punxsutawney, PA. Yes, that Punxsutawney.Amber’s sister caught the bouquet. And Amber’s sister’s boyfriend caught the garter. And I read on Amber’s Facebook that these two are now engaged!:)Congrats! I guess there is a bit of truth to the rumor that those who catch the bouquet and garter are next in line to be married.It’s not really a party until someone does a split.Congratulations, Amber & Matt! And thank you two for sharing your wedding day with us! We wish you both the very best in your life together.

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Happy tears, excited squeals, smiles so big they hurt, thankful prayers upon thankful prayers, huge hugs, and gratefulness beyond measure bring you today’s blog post. We’re expecting! This little blessing has already brought us so much joy and he/she won’t even be here with us on earth until February.

Josh & I (and Norris & Punky) are ecstatic to be sharing this news with you all! First, I’ll answer the questions that I know everyone will be asking.:)

My due date is February 22, 2015. (Five days after Michael Jordan’s birthday and eight days before my dad’s birthday. And, not coincidentally, during our wedding off-season.) We are NOT planning to find out the baby’s gender before birth. We want to have the biggest and most awesome surprise of our lives when Mini Menning decides to arrive! We do have names that we love for both a girl and a boy. They’re not set in stone yet, and we’re going to keep them a secret until Mini Menning makes her/his debut. Neither one of us has a preference on whether we want a boy or a girl. It sounds cliché, but we mean it with every fiber of our beings- we just want a healthy and happy baby! That said, we both have a feeling Mini Menning is a girl. If you have any other questions for us, shout them out in the comments & we’ll get back to you.:)

As photographers, we value beautiful photographs to document exciting and fun times in our lives! That should be a given, right?! So we contacted our friends Josh & Jess at Pixel Pop Photography & had a photo session with them in the park so we could remember all of the happiness that we felt during this season in our lives. The photos are so special to us; thanks Josh & Jessica!

Pregnancy_Session_0001 We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing in this amazing time in our lives! We couldn’t be more thankful to God for blessing us with this baby & we’re excited to see what’s in store for our little family come February!

For all of you couples out there struggling with infertility, we also had you on our minds when drafting this blog post. We pray for you often & understand that our joy draws attention to your feelings of emptiness and despair. Know that we pray for your comfort and happy ending to this struggle & we were thinking about you when we wrote this post.

To our family members, friends, clients, and blog readers, our hearts are bursting with joy so thanks for helping us share in this!Pregnancy_Session_0010Pregnancy_Session_0002Pregnancy_Session_0003Pregnancy_Session_0004Pregnancy_Session_0006Pregnancy_Session_0007Pregnancy_Session_0008One of the aspects of this pregnancy that I’m most excited about is the thought of getting to witness Josh as a father. This man is an answer to every prayer I’ve ever prayed before I was married for my future husband and more. He’s patient, compassionate, gentle, kind, funny, caring, and loves me in such a profound and beautiful way that I never even knew was possible. He’s going to be the BEST dad! And isn’t he just SO HANDSOME?! Pregnancy_Session_0009Pregnancy_Session_0011Pregnancy_Session_0012Pregnancy_Session_0013Pregnancy_Session_0014Pregnancy_Session_0015We know this is a little cheesy, but we couldn’t help it!:)I love Josh’s face!Pregnancy_Session_0016Pregnancy_Session_0017Pregnancy_Session_0018Pregnancy_Session_0020



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    Amanda Roth - We’re SO excited for you guys! We know you will be such fabulous parents! Congratulations from the Roths!ReplyCancel

    • August 15, 2014 - 10:23 am

      Menning Photographic - Thank you, Nathan & Amanda! We’re excited for a future family hang out with you two & William!ReplyCancel

  • August 15, 2014 - 10:13 am

    Sabrina - Oh my goodness… happy happy happy tears!! Even though I already knew your exciting news it still brings me so much joy and excitement!! And I’m so glad we get to walk through this together! I just hate that we’re so far apart. Love you guys and congrats again!!!!ReplyCancel

    • August 15, 2014 - 10:24 am

      Menning Photographic - Thank you so much, Sabrina! I love that we can experience this together! Hopefully our babies will get to meet one day! :) ReplyCancel

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    Christine Crook - These are so beautiful!! I’m so happy for you guys and cannot wait to see this little bundle! I ABSOLUTELY love the last picture, also!! Congrats again!ReplyCancel

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      Menning Photographic - Thank you so much! Pixel Pop did an awesome job! :) ReplyCancel

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    Mel - You two are already amazing parents for your little one! We can’t wait to witness your journey (thank you, technology!) in raising this little girl or boy. Congrats and hugs!ReplyCancel

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      Menning Photographic - Thank you! Big hugs back! :) ReplyCancel

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    Kristen Delvaux - I can’t believe my eyes! :-) I am so excited for your family and will be praying for the THREE of you!ReplyCancel

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      Menning Photographic - Thank you, Kristen! :) We really appreciate your prayers! We’re due about a month apart, I think! :) ReplyCancel

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    Jenny Wehr - I’m rejoicing with you in this amazing blessing :) we’ve had the opportunity to work together a few times recently – and I was praying about this very thing , for you guys :) god is so good . Congratulations , and I pray gods richest blessings of a happy and healthy mini Menning , as well as a wonderful and uneventful pregnancy . I too can’t wait for the journal of images :)
    I’m so happy for you !ReplyCancel

  • August 16, 2014 - 9:16 am

    Emily Kobylanski - I ADORE THIS BLOG ENTRY!!!! So well said and so beautiful I have tears in my eyes! Two of the most wonderful people I have ever met are about to experience THE most wonderful thing He has ever blessed our family with!!! We wish the best for you both in this new adventure!!! I cannot WAIT to see you get that cute little belly, Dani! Josh, you were so great with Owen throughout our wedding and visit to your home.. I KNOW you’ll be as great of a daddy as you are Uncle, too!
    Emmy, Bryan, & Owen Kobo

    PS. I can’t lie… I am moving up my creep status to straight stalker. With the best intentions. XOXOReplyCancel

Today on the Josh & Danielle Files, we just HAVE to share the cute photos from our pug play date yesterday! Our friends got a brindle pug puppy a couple of months ago & he is aaaaaaadorable! His name is Jeremy. When they first got him, he was tiny just like Punky was so he was way too small to play with our rambunctious fur-children. But now that he’s three months old, over three pounds, and raring to go, we scheduled a pug play party. It was pug play pandemonium!:)Here’s Jeremy:
Norris is so happy. He loves walks!The leashes were a bit cumbersome, but we were in a park so we couldn’t let them loose. (Not that we can ever let Norris loose…trying to catch his stubborn self is like trying to catch a really fast greased pig!)It’s kind of sad how huge Jeremy makes Punky look since she was just his size only a few months ago. They grow up too quickly.:)We tried to pose them once they were tuckered out from their walk in the afternoon sun.Treat? And a pug play date picture of the pug parents & their precious pug puppies! We’ve known Lee & Ellen for awhile now. I met Ellen in the Honors Program at Kent State Salem & then I met Lee because we were both English majors at Kent State. Josh & Lee went to high school together & knew of each other, but didn’t really connect until they were both in local bands after high school. Lee is in Third Class. Check them out.Pugs are strange creatures that always put a smile on our faces. They’re full of love, loyalty, personality, strange noises, cuddles and ravenous appetites. We LOVE being pug parents & are so glad we got to have a pug date.:)

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Katie & Kyle are very cute together. They told us they were nervous that they were going to look awkward in their photos . . . not possible! (And we wouldn’t let that happen).:)When we posted a sneak peek of the engagement session on our Facebook page, someone even said that she thought it was an ad when she first saw it on her newsfeed because they look like a magazine couple. . . agreed! Not only are they super cute together- they’re really well suited to one another and have the same values and priorities in life. That sounds like an amazing marriage in the making to us! And to think that these two had known each other most of their lives. Katie always had a crush on Kyle, but he was an “older man” back when they were kids growing up- he’s three years older than she is. As they grew up, they went on a mission trip together and to church together and got closer as the years went by. Once the childhood stage faded, the three-year difference wasn’t a factor, and these two ended up together.
The outfits are great & Katie nailed the accessories. They match perfectly with Kyle’s shirt, which tied everything together so well.Engagement sessions are fun!:-DHow pretty would this one be as a huge canvas in their home once they get married?!:)Beautiful!The light! Ahhhh! Loooooove!Since this is their engagement session blog, I just have to share their proposal story with you! It is so sweet! Katie is very difficult to surprise. Kyle will adamantly tell you this fact, and Katie will admit it. Kyle worked hard to make a plan to knock Katie off her feet in surprise. He went to the jewelry store and ordered the engagement ring that he knew Katie loved without her knowing about it and then clued in the jeweler that he’d be bringing Katie to the store to “order and pick out” the ring. Katie & Kyle went to the jewelry store and Kyle & the jeweler went through the whole charade of choosing a ring that Katie loved and “ordering” it. (Good thing she didn’t change her mind on which ring she wanted, huh?):)The jeweler then told them that it’d take four weeks for the ring to arrive in the store. The big surprise was that Kyle already HAD the ring in his possession and had set up candles and flower petals at his apartment. When he and Katie arrived to the apartment, she had no idea what was going on and Kyle got down on one knee, presented THE ring that Katie thought was going to take four weeks to arrive because she’d just “picked it out,” and he proposed to her right then. She was surprised and so happy and said, “Yes!”Sometimes Josh & I are funny.;)We LOVE that this is our job! Having fun with amazing couples, making them laugh, and making pretty photos for them to cherish. . . pinch us! Is this real life?!What you don’t know by looking at these photos is that there was a couple posing for maternity photos below the bridge we were standing on. The parents-to-be were laying IN the creek water and the girl screamed, “I smell like a catfish!” Ummmm…okay. Mill Creek Park is often an interesting place full of unique characters. Katie & Kyle make the park look good.:)Here’s one gorgeous bride comin’ at ya in May!

We had a great time with you, Katie & Kyle! We’re looking forward to your wedding day!

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