If you’ve been keeping up with our blog lately, you have probably noticed that we’ve been photographing LOTS of weddings and LOTS of engagement sessions! It’s Fall, Y’all! I remember when I was growing up & when my older cousins were getting married that Summer weddings were THE thing. We’ve noticed a trend in our business since 2011, though. Fall weddings are VERY popular & book up just as quickly as our Summer dates! Fall engagement sessions are popular for so many reasons, too. A lot of couples who are getting married in the Summer choose to have their engagement photos taken in the Fall because it’s beautiful & because they want different seasons represented in their engagement & wedding photos for variety. No matter the reasons, we know one thing for certain- we’ve been really busy lately with weddings & engagement sessions & we’ve been LOVING it!

We’ve seen a lot of photographers posting this little photo:

october(Image Source)

We understand the sentiment & we think it’s a really cute design, but the thing is. . . we’ve never met an accountant who LOVES April or who gets up in the morning chipper that (s)he gets to stare at numbers for 12-16 hours a day because it’s crunch time for income taxes. We’ve never met an accountant whose passion in life it is to slough through 1040s and sort through receipts until the wee hours. The above analogy doesn’t carry through for us entirely. We understand that April is an accountant’s busy time & October is (one of ) a photographer’s busy times. That is true. But we like to think that we thrive in the busy times. We love getting to meet new clients. We adore hearing their stories. We can’t wait to hang out with our couples for their engagement sessions and get to know them better. We love making people feel important and pretty and allowing them to express their love in the most beautiful way. We can’t wait to give our clients their edited images and to see their reactions when they get to view their photos. We love getting to be a part of one of the biggest and most important days in others’ lives. Yes, we’re busy this month and don’t have as much free time as we sometimes do. But we consider that to be a GREAT thing! We’re so thankful for our clients, their loyalty to us, and their love for us!

So we’d like to create our own little meme for how we feel about Fall & October:


:)Okay, so the Richard Simmons spandex analogy might not exactly work either, but what we’re trying to say is that we love getting to experience such a busy October and we’re so thankful for all of our clients who make that possible! ♥

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Lauren & Jordan’s wedding day was full of smiles, fun, cute kids, gorgeous weather, elegant details, and lots of dancing! Their wedding ceremony was at St. Christine’s Parish and their reception was at The Lake Club. Everything came together beautifully & it was fun to be a part of the day!
Lauren & Jordan’s adorable daughter kept us all entertained as the ladies got ready for the day at the Dutch Village Inn in Columbiana.Josh was with Jordan & the groomsmen at the Holiday Inn in Boardman.The guys got ready pretty early and had a lot of time to spare so they went to Mill Creek Park for a photo shoot.:)The weather was downright perfect for a wedding that day.Lauren & Jordan did a “no look first look” before the ceremony. They didn’t see each other, but they got to hold hands and talk together.How adorable is this?!Their son Owen is a doll!And then it was time for the ceremony (and a few happy tears) to start.After the ceremony, some posed family photos, and a few quick bridal party photos, we headed to The Lake Club for Lauren & Jordan’s bride & groom session.They’re both hard working people who put their kids first. They’re a really great couple & now, as their daughter Keegan says, “They’re married!”:)
Stunning!Wellman’s Florist & Gift Shop was the florist for the day.Clarencedale Cake created the elegant wedding cake.Three flower girls under the age of three = fun!First dance time:Keegan wanted to join in, too.Lauren & her father:
And Jordan & his mother:Lauren’s sister Katelyn did a great job with her toast to the couple.And Jordan’s brother Cameron was a little goofy for his toast. Everyone loved it.D&R Audio kept the party going the entire night with great music. They also provided the great uplighting.This moment between the bride’s brother & his little family pretty much slayed me. So beautiful.Jordan was not shy about the garter retrieval.We snuck them away for a few minutes during the reception.Lauren & Jordan, thank you very much for sharing your wedding day with us! We’re so glad you chose us to document your wedding day memories! We wish you both (and Keegan & Owen) nothing but happiness and love for the rest of your lives together.

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Sara & Jonathan are amazing people on their own, but when they’re together they’re an unstoppable pair. They simply belong together. A portion of their engagement session was in Jonathan’s grandparents’ backyard, which is where he asked Sara to marry him. When he proposed, it was decorated with beautiful Christmas lights and family members were near to snap photos of the entire thing unfolding. Everyone was beyond overjoyed. Not only are Sara & Jonathan totally in love, but their families completely adore Sara & Jonathan as a couple. We know that their wedding day will be full of love from everyone involved. . . we can’t wait!
This is the porch swing at his grandparents’ house. These two make it look great!Cuteness overload.See what I mean?Josh spotted this BRIGHT tree down the street so we ventured down there for some photos. Lots of cars were driving by and plenty of people beeped their congrats.Then we stopped at our (and Sara & Jonathan’s) favorite local coffee spot, Generations Coffee House. We blogged about them awhile ago. . . they’re pretty amazing.:)We love the coziness of Generations. It was perfect for these fun shots with Sara & Jonathan! They’re coffee lovers.After warming our bellies with yummy beverages, we headed back out to the chilly evening at a pretty property Sara loves. It belongs to her sister-in-law’s parents & she thought it would be a great place for a Fall engagement session. She was right.Fall foliage for the win!Her joy is infectious. . . and it’s often caused by Jonathan.One of Sara’s favorite Bible verses is 1st Corinthians 13:13.
These two aim to keep Christ as the center of their marriage so they wanted to incorporate that faith into their engagement session. And another shared interest of theirs- running. They’re only half crazy, though. They run half marathons together. Funny story about when they first started dating. They’d both been runners before they started dating, but Jonathan only ran shorter distances at the time- a mile or two. Sara asked if he wanted to go for a run one day (6 or so miles) and he agreed. He said he had to keep up and go the distance with her even though he was in pain because he really wanted to impress her.:)It must have worked.And then, once it got dark, we busted out our new toy and did some light painting! I love the results! You’ll be seeing more of this from us in the future. It’s a really fun way to get creative.Sara & Jonathan, thank you both so much for choosing us as your photographers; we’re really excited to share your wedding day with you!

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Brittney & Tyler’s engagement session is full of cuteness, Fall colors, and amazing clouds. They’re adorable together! They weren’t sure about where they wanted their engagement photos taken, but Brittney said they’d like a country setting and somewhere with bright trees. . . enter our backyard! (And, thanks to our awesome neighbors, a bit of their backyard, too).
I love her socks with her boots! And I’m not trying to brag here, but our backyard looks phenomenal this time of year! I love it!Brittney’s eyes are crazy gorgeous.These two have known each other for a long time. They went to neighboring high schools & just finally ended up getting together one day. He proposed after a long day at the beach complete with segways and metal detecting. In telling the story she honestly admits that she was getting a little tired of doing the metal detector, but he convinced her to keep going for a bit longer & she’s really glad she did because the treasure they found in the sand was definitely something magical. . . a box with a diamond engagement ring inside!:)We asked him how nervous he was about the whole burying the engagement ring in the sand thing & he said it was pretty crazy to think about after the fact, but he wasn’t too nervous at the time.After shooting at our house, we headed over to one of our favorite farms in the area. Shout out to the generous & kind owners for allowing us to use their property for photo sessions!See what I mean about the clouds? So cool!I love this one. . . it’s so cute!Seriously, Brittney?! Model status. And, not to reveal all of our secrets, but this is fake sun. We love how sunlight looks streaming through the cracks of a barn, but it was really cloudy that day so we weren’t going to see the sun shine through the barn. So we created it with our gelled speedlight on a 10-foot light stand and an approximately 5’11″ photographer named Josh holding the light with an extended arm where the sun would be. I love the results.And, in a once-in-a-lifetime occurence I’m sure, this little tree frog decided to humor us for a ring shot!  Yes, that is a real frog that Josh picked up off of the ground. It took a few tries, but we got him to cooperate. And we named him Samuel.:)Brittney & Tyler, we’re so glad we got to hang out for your engagement session. Your wedding day will be here soon. . . can’t wait!

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Holly & Billy are one of those couples whose happiness is infectious. You can’t see them without smiling because they just look so happy together. Josh & I were smiling a ton on their wedding day because of how fun they are and how they look at one another. Just wait until you see their first look photos! Their ceremony and reception were both at The Lake Club. The weather was very tricky that day so they ended up having the ceremony on the terrace, although the original plan was to have it by the lake. No matter what the weather was doing, it was a lovely day & two people in love got married. . . and that’s what matters!
Don’t you love Billy’s shirt?To anyone who says, “Don’t do a first look because it’ll take away from the groom’s reaction during the ceremony,” just wait until you see Billy’s reaction to seeing Holly walk toward him down the aisle. Their first look was awesome & allowed us to shoot their bride & groom session, the bridal party photos, and the family formals before the ceremony, which was very relaxing and fun. Because everything was at the same location, trying to cram all of those photos in during cocktail hour would’ve been tough. We’re so glad these two chose to do the first look & their reactions to seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day were so special and emotional.Every girl wants a husband who looks at her the way that Billy looks at Holly. He adores her.He had to show off his tux.:)
They’re so happy together! This reminds me of their engagement session.Because of the ample time that the first look afforded us, we were able to get relaxed family formals.
Billy is from New Orleans. . . just wait until you see the theme for the reception decor!Then it was time for the ceremony. Billy cried when he saw Holly walk toward him.:)We had some time during cocktail hour (and it had stopped raining- yay!) to get some more bride and groom portraits. So pretty!A Dream Comes True Floral did a lovely job with the bouquets & centerpieces.Holly, you were a gorgeous bride.And Billy looked handsome.
We found some Fall colors even though not too many trees had changed yet.Then it was time to party. . . New Orleans style.The Classic Bakery made the cake.This is Morgan; she introduced Holly & Billy so everyone at the wedding can thank her for making it happen.:)I love how much they laugh together!The Music Man DJ kept everyone up and danicng throughout the night & his uplighting looked great.Their first dance to “To Make You Feel My Love” by Garth Brooks:Billy’s parents weren’t able to make it to Ohio for the wedding. Billy got to share a dance with Holly’s mom.Huge group hug at the end of the reception:Holly & Billy, thank you two so much for choosing us to photograph your wedding day! We pray you’ll have a long & happy life together full of successful kettlebell competitions, pug love, Chick-fil-A, and the love you felt for each other on your wedding day that grows even stronger every day.

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